Saturday, 23 June 2012

Easy Peasy .... Personalised Pillow

Hello my wackys ,

How have you lot been lately?!! And more importantly what have you created...

Me ... haven't done much I'm afraid, there's been a really crazy couple of weeks at work where everyone is busy busy busy, and with the school run , bus catch and pick ups from the nanny at the afternoon (18.30) then getting home cooking dinner and do homework with the girls, WHEN and yes I dare say it again, WHEN I put this little head of mine onto a pillow I simply crash Has if I have an Off button or something...

Anyway that's not why you came here is it?!! Of course not, You came here 'cause you like to do stuff to create something from scratch to give wings to your imagination ( just don't drink to much Redbull OK?) anyway here it is couldn't be simpler....
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I did this one has a gift for a niece  of a work colleague

What will you need:
Iron on Transfer paper
Cotton Fabric
A computer
A printer
A sewing machine ( or you could sew it by hand)
 Rectangle or Square cardboard Template
Polyester filling
Lavender Oil

1- Wash dry and Iron your chosen fabric, (plain cottons work best)

2- With your PC and use of the internet find an image you really like save the image

3- Now you can use word or any other program
you like to edit the image or add any text of your liking

4- On the printer settings click on the mirror image, place the iron paper in the printer and press print ;)

5- Now cut 0.5mm around the images place them on the right side of the fabric exactly where you'll like it, and with a really hot iron and NO STEAM ON iron it or press on it for +- 1 minute

6- When the paper cools off peel it carefully , and place the other piece of the fabric  on top of it, Sew around it ( you can leave an opening in the seams or if you like just sew it all around and make a cut at the middle back of the pillow, so you can turn it around and fill it)

7- Fill the pillow and with some sort of cut image and a hot glue gun disguise the hole, and voila, a personalised pillow just for you or whom ever you'd like to offer it too, or even sell it who knows.

Hope you lot liked this instructions , and has always if you have any questions just leave a comment here or on our facebook page...

See you soon my crafty wackys,