Friday, 26 October 2012

Halloween Holidays, Keeping Kids Busy

Hello my wackys,

 Now, we all know how demanding motherhood is, now I'm not saying it cant also be rewarding... we never forget the first smiles, when they first started to eat the first time they started to talk and walk, the first day of school and so on...

 Now what about the bit that drives us crazy, the tantrums, the winning, the moaning, the arguing with the parents, the mess, etc. you know where I'm coming from.
Most of us work, and at school holidays we would then leave them at the nursery or take the same amount of time of so that we can take care of them and not spend tons of money in childcare.

 Now, speaking for myself, I would love to spend more time with my kids but it is granted that they drive me completely nuts, they cry they moan they fight over the smallest things ever and on top of it all they never stop, it is definitely draining; so I thought I cant possibly be the only one feeling this way, what can WE do together so that they don't drive me nuts here's some ideas:

 * Take them to the kitchen and make some cookies for when daddy comes home from work;
 * Make time for art, like finger painting, drawing, colouring, etc.
 * Have some home cinema time, prepare some popcorn and drinks in advance and darken the room for a more truthful experience;
 * Ask them for help to tidy up and them give them a reward;
 * Have a treasure hunt
 * Have a picnic, if the weather allows, if not why not a tea party

This are just a few ideas, and you could always go to websites like ; or; which have craft kits available and many other things that would help keep your kids busy, why don't you have a look I bet you'll be surprised.

Hope I helped you some how.

See you soon my wackys ***

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Cancer Support Event Ideas

Hello my wackys how have you lot been?!

Here at the Lilis handmade Crafts household we've been busier than ever, Christmas orders are already coming through, and having only weekends to craft is definitely a bit tight, but we'll manage ;); anyway that's not the reason for this post is it?! Nope definitely not...

 So here it goes, on the coming 26th of October there is currently a campaign here in the UK called Cancer Support Wear it pink, many of us have been affected by this illness or know someone who may or may not be with us that has been affected by it, My hunt for example died with it she had a bowel cancer and unfortunately it spread to fast and she is no longer among us in presence but still in our hearts and minds.

 SO?! You might be asking, right... I would like to propose to everyone and I mean everyone, to make a small gesture to help in funding the researchers to find a way to cure this (I mean a more efficient way), and in order to help with the funding why not make a coffee morning at your work place, or  a Tea party for example.... at the place where I work everyone is going to wear pink and have pink ribbons and I'm thinking about making a cake ( with a pink ribbon topper obviously) and some sweets gift bags or boxes with the ribbon design as well, every penny earned by it will be directly sent to the fund.

Here's some images taken from the Internet to give you some ideas if you're interested, or would actually like to do something that could help so many people that are currently affected by this reality in their lives...

See you soon my lovelies, hope you have a wonderful weekend.