Sunday, 22 January 2012

Being Honest with yourself

Morning you all,

 So Today's Saving Tip is be honest with yourself, cause if you're not, WHO will?!
Money wise this is how it goes, and everyone knows it really they just don't want to bother remembering it really it.... for when you spend more than you earn it will get you in to Debt; if you continue to spend more than you earn it will get even worse, and if you never get to deal with it or don't want to bother it will bring you to a Debt Crisis.

1st Things first: BUDGET

Make a list of your total household expenditure and income, put everything and I really mean everything into it ok, like tobacco, magazine subscriptions school meals, bills etc.; do it on a monthly system so you'll know how much you get per month and how much you're spending, you'll be surprised with the results, you can get a personal household budget plan from a microssoft excell spreadsheet.

2ndly: PLAN

Be honest with yourself there maybe things you can do to save some cash like instead of eating out when you go to work just take a pack lunch from home, for example if you ousted to spend around £5 every day and you work 5 days a week  then you would spend (+-25x5£) £125 p/month which works out at a massive (£125x12) £1500 p/year, now wouldn't this be better in your pocket?! Just cook a little bit extra the night before put it in a container and take it to work,you'll save some precious £, eat healthy food, and know exactly what you're eating 'cause after all you were the one who cook it :)

Another way you can save cash when going to work is on transport costs, you may go by car on your own, or even by bus.... why not try to get a ride to and from work, share your car or their car arrange a picking up and dropping out spot and you'll save cash for example if you catch the bus and have a weekly rider it would cost you £15 a week plus time cause it takes ages so £15x 4 weeks = £60 p/month which per year gets to a whooping £720 quid... so if you share a ride and pay only £10 p/week you would pay £40 monthly which will add to a £240 pounds saving plus the time you saved travelling by car you may think its not much but every little helps here :)...

Another one is instead of having a mobile contact where you pay for example £30 p/month why not just top up when you need it, it may not look like it but yes it saves you £, many of us have massive contracts and end up to use it just for texts or something like that  so if you spend only £10 or £15 pounds every month you'll save (£360-£180) £180, if you make a lot of international costs why not turn to skype they have some pretty cool deals for example unlimited calls for landlines for only 3.99 p/month. WOW!!!

3rd and Last: PREPARE

After sorting out the 2 above steps, seeing where you can save some cash, planning your week meals/transport/ etc., separate some money for miscellaneous things you never know whats going to happen so its better safe than sorry... use only that cash nor more nor less, whatever you didn't spent put it in a piggybank like the Can type or the ones you would have to break it to get the money., at the end of the year you'll have more than enough for a mini holiday I promise ;)

There's tons of savings you can do on a daily basis just have a good think about it.
I'll see you next time with a lot more tips, keep tuned.

See you soon,

A few changes : )

Hello my lovelly's,

It's been a reaalllllyyyy long week for me, just started a new job from 7h to 17h , so you see, quite a long time on my feet... the plus part is obviously I've got the whole weekend off HURRAY!!! and off course the extra cash I'll be bringing home.

Anyway, has I'm having such long days it doesn't leave me much time to blog or make things really, I mean I really wanted to but I leave work at 17h , arrive home at 18h, then I'll have something to eat take care of the girls, help them do their homework, make dinner and finally go to bed after  preparing my lunch snack for the next day at work, ohhhh and my little ones bag to take to the nursery.... Chaotic isn't it so here's how I'm going to make it from now on.... I'll blog only on weekends, this being I'll create on saturdays and I'll post on sundays, this is the only way I'll be able to still have my creative time and share with you my experiences and inspiration... OK?!

 I hope you guys understand... Also I'll be doing 2 posts on sunday one about crafting and the other one about saving precious money, I hope I manage to give you guys some ideas so that you don't have to go through hard times, like many of us are right now ( including me ofcourse) that's what happens when you aint got your head screwed right ;) , it's just the way it goes even in crafting isn't it?! you try something it doesn't get quite right, or the way you wanted it to be... and that teaches us that it can't be that way, lets try another way, but obviously you won't make the same mistakes again will we?!! Hopefuly not, we're not that Stupid are we?!

Anyway thank you so much for the ones that follow my posts and I hope that many of you that don't, start doing so, and hopefully allong the way I'll be able to inspire and help you go through motions in life ;)

Wish you guys all the best.

See you soon,

Friday, 13 January 2012

Saving precious £££, yeahp my 2nd 2012 resolution

HI you all,

 Ok, this one is still not complete but I must say I'm on track, so to get my finances straight again I had to take some cruel measures lets just say it, I've nothing to hide here, life aint perfect and I heard somewhere that things are exactly how they are supposed to be, situations enable us to grow as  persons, getting reponsabilities, and having things sorted are positive, but no one is sayin that they don't cost us a thing, no one is saying that taking some atitutes is not hard... Will there be consequences, probably, but that's our own fault is it not? We took  action and made choices, perhaps many right ones but most likelly lots of wrong ones too, now we have to deal with them, whatever they are :)

So in my case I must say we made lots of bad choices due to a very materialistic approach we had regarding life... but I reached a point where I was fed up of buying this and that, I'm not saying I didn't like the stuff or to have the stuff of course I did , I didn lke the DEbt I was going into however... So please don'tr do what I did, learn to be patient to have all the cash to by the things you want and that means save save save...

I am now on  DMP and sorting out stuff, plus I bought 2 books to help me out to stay on top of stuff like The Money Diet  by Martin Lewis; and Thrifty Ways for Modern Days from the same author; I have now finished reading Thrifty Ways and I must say I am pleased I bought it (2nd hand of course) he gives great tips many of whom I'll be posting in the next blog posts I'll be writting, to help spread the word and possibly help so many people that are in the same situation has me.

TODAY'S TIP on saving some precious money is:
Home and Car Insurance cost cutting :) = there are so many websites ( companys) that do all the hard work for us, we just need to fill in the details and they do all the searching; like for example (UK); ;; or even , this are great tools that we have available nowadays, which wasnt the case a decade ago, ofcourse this websites relate to the Uk but I'm sure that there must be companys like these in your own countrys, by doing this you can save up to £600.00 p/year on them Together, wouldn't this give a lovelly amount to spend on yourself, go on holidays or whatever needs be?!

Have a think about it, do some budgeting  and you'll get to the conclusion that probably there must be something where you can save some cash.

1st 2012 Resolution - Check

Hello my crafty wackys, how have you lot been?!

 Me well I've been slightly busy, better yet, slightly on the go, doing this, that and all the rest :)

So my first "done"  resolution for 2012 was finding a JOB yeahp it took me over than 50 CV's, 4 months waiting and a Temp job at Royal Mail, but I finally did it, I finally got a job its nothing special but it allows me to pay the bills which nowadays is awesome lets agree :).

 I'll start monday, I'll be there for a week (experience one) and later we'll have a little chat and then hopefully the confirmation of yeahp you can stay permanent Full-time, so where I'm going to work you ask.... well its an arts an crafts products supplier and manufacturer... come on lets ear it doesn't it suit me perfectly  " ARTS & CRAFTS" yeihhh, I'm just so so happy that someone finally gave me a chance :)

I have only a huge big Thanks to give to this guys, and assure them that I'll do all I can do, and give my best at all times. :)

For now I think that 2012 is starting to be pretty good :D

See you soon my wackys,

Friday, 6 January 2012

My 2012 Resolutions

Hello my wackys, whate have you been up to hey?!

You've been pretty busy right, me ... I have been ok...

What were your 2012 resolutions?! Mine were to get organized, to get a job, to get more work (crafts related), to sort out my finances, to go back home, to my lovely but seriously screwed up country "Portugal", and yes I mean lovely because its truly beautifull the food is great the warmth we portuguese people give to anyone that comes to our country is overwelming.... so I must say I really miss it + all my family and my partners family leaves there.... anyway another of my resolutions is to fix the bloody house we have there it's small and is all in cement .. it needs doors, new windows new plumbing and electrics, levelling the floors + the DECORATING  yeihhh, this is definitely the part where I'll be making the decisions and be in control ( or so I think XD), but the worst bit definitelly will be taking my things with me, We live on a 3rd floor with no elevator so you can just imagine the work we'll have and the expense it will be.... oh my!!! just to think about it all it gives me headaches and back pain hihihhi XD.

So all in all, a very busy busy and definitely tough year is here for me... but I will grab it by its "balls" and will succeed , I really need to get me a new job and sort things out to the best of my abilities...

 Do you know when you get that gut feeling that you have to do something, that you must reeaaally do it, although your head will be saying - " don't be stupid girl, you have 2 girls and a husband now, just stay here it would be so much easier financially" - and at the same time your heart says - "no, you do it girl everything's going to be alright"- I suppose if things go a bit sour we could always come back to the UK couldn't we?!? I mean we have all the paperwork needed.... OOOHHHH MY GOD!!! I'm going mental, but I don't actually exteriorize it , I think the key must be keep focus and stay positive....and I will....

Anyway what about you?! Anything  Major you'ld like to share with us?!

Well then here's a few pics I've taken on my last holiday to Portugal just so you guys can see how cool it is :)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

2011 Overview

Hi my wackys,

 Its been such a long Time withouth blogging I'm not sure I can still make it XD just kidding here, what would it be of me if I couldn't blog... hummmmm

 Anyway I hope you had a wonderfull Christmas as well Has a excelent start for this new year to come, this post is just a little overview of some of the things I've been up to in 2011, I must say I'm no big Crafter I do it has a hobby really, but sometimes I can be really lazy .. well not lazy but just not feel like crafting and that's ok ... I mean I have an household to run right?! and no ones perfect is it?!

I'm not excusing myself here, don't think about it that way, its just that there are so many bloggers out there that make it seem that all is perfect in their little world.... well its not like that at all in mine, I must say, and I'm "proud" of that... what would life be without our little tumbles and mistakes ... we wouldn't learn right?!

I say, practice makes perfect, and for me that means that we have to try it many times in different ways, the way that suits us best  :)

Wish u all a wonderfull 2012....

And now, FINALLY - may you say here's the gallery, most of the pics projects, can be found in my blog, so give it a peek ;)

Thank you all for looking, see you soon.