Friday, 29 July 2011

Girlies Hair Clips

Hello craftys, today I fell out of the bed has you can see it was 7am and I was already awake that not to say that the walls in this flat seem more like cardboard, cause I was able to hear my neighbours "all night long" just like in that song.... thank God it didn't last longer than 20min. =)
Anyway... I recently bought a book about Ribbon it explains how to make flowers, bows, ribbon embroidery etc. its a cool book and it has step by step pictures which helps any inexperienced person, or beginner like me.
 I took the examples that they used on how to make a ribbon flower that was attached to a Thank You card.

If you intend to do this hair clips like me you'll need:
1 yard of ribbon of your choice
Glue gun
French Clip

You need to cut 4x 15 cm strips and lay them like a star  each one centered on each other, you'll have a 8 point star, now you bring one of those points to the center and sew it in place, do the same with the rest of them, after that's done choose a button for the center piece and prepare your glue gun, glue the button into the center; To attach it to the clip glue some of the excess ribbon onto it and after it cooled down center the flower onto the clip and use the hot glue once again :)
Hope you all like it, now roll up your sleeves and start making hair clips today!!!

see you soon xoxoxooxxo!!!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

orange and lemon sorbet

Heeelllloooo Crafty's...

Boy today was one hot day here in plymouth UK, and believe me when I say that hot weather down here is hard to come, but finally God decided to look to this corner of the world and decided that the poor things "us" deserved a little bit of warmth after all =) yeihhh
 I took this recipe out of the BBC website but jazzed it up a little bit the reviewers said it was to sweet so I changed a couple of things.

So here it goes, my jazzy orange and lemon sorbet
200g of caster sugar
250ml water
juice of 4 oranges
zest of 2 oranges
juice of half a lemon
zest of half lemon

put the sugar and water on a pan and take to the boil stirring occasionally, remove it from the heat has soon has the sugar is dissolved let it cool down completely. Now get your Ice cream machine bowl out of the freezer and set up has instructed by the manufacturer pour the juices and zest into it with the machine turned on and slowly add the syrup made with the sugar and the water... VOILA!!! The machine does all the work , turn the machine off has soon has it gets to the desired consistency.

you could also freeze in a container, stirring once or twice, instead of using the ice cream machine.

There you have it hope you lot like it has much has we did.

See you soon xoxoxoxoxox

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Egg Puding

Hello everyone, well its been a while since I posted a recipe so here it goes, today and for you only my familys recipe of a lovely portuguese desserte "Egg Puding" hum.... so good!!!

4.5dl milk
5 eggs
220gr sugar
rind of 1 lemon
liquid caramel

spread the liquid caramel on a round mould with a hole in the middle if you have one with a lid that's perfect if not just put some foil on top. In a pan put the milk sugar and the lemon rind take it to the boil (don't forget to keep stirring it); when boiling remove from the heat... Preheat your oven to the max temperature that it allows you.  Now pour the mixture into another recipient and quickly add the eggs whisk it with your electric whisker and when it gets foamy pour it into the mould previously coated with the caramel top it with the foil and leave it in the oven in a bain marie for more or less 45 min. Let it cool down completely before you remove the mould and transfer it to a tray ..... Hope you guys like it has much has me and my family :)
                this one was made by my sweet husby, and lets just say if he can do it anyone can :)

See you soon you lot!!! xoxoxoxo

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Fabric flowers using Stampin' Up! and big shot machine

hello everyone, may you have a wonderful day today since I saw this amazing video I wanted to buy a big shot machine for myself, the possibilities just seem endless with it, and also I think it would be grate to have some time with my little princess, what better to do with your girls than something that they can also make, take to school and tell everyone, yeah I made it with my mummy :) , obviously just not for that but I want her to develop her creativity has much has possible, we never know what the future reserves us :) anyway this video gave me loads of inspiration ad ideas on what things to make so I think I just have to keep waiting for my lovely machine so that I can take them out of my head and put them into the physical world  XD
well hope you enjoy this video has much  has I did , and see you crafty  wackys soon  xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

and by the way christine you did a wonderful job at inspiring me, thank you ever so much

Monday, 11 July 2011

How Do You Make A Zippered Coin Purse

Hello everyone, today is a lovely day outside and I'm still deciding on what to do today with the girls, yesterday was a painting day so we just grabbed the pencils and the coloring books and tada!!! They really love painting, now.. today I may go for a walk with them to the marina or something like that and maayyybeee a singing competition at home XD and the winner gets loads of cuddles yeiiiihhh, what do you think? Meanwhile to keep you crafty wackys busy here's how to make a zippered purse coin, we all have those pennies hanging around here and there, just put them all inside here and when the purse is full take it to the supermarket where usually are those machines that exchange the coins for a money voucher at a small fee, why not go straight in to the supermarket after that  and buy a little something for you or your loved ones :)... OK time to go now...

See you soon my wackys XD

Thursday, 7 July 2011

How to make a feather clip

Hello everyone I hope you are having a joyful and wonderful start of day today, well to me it was an even earlier start than any other day , today  I had to wake up at 7am can you believe it :D (most people that work do it all the time right?!!) well I've been out of practice for a long time and today I had to take my oldest girl for an induction at school... and that my crafty wackys involves quite a bit of work that man neeevvveerrr give value to... so basically I woke  up woke up my little one changed her nappy dressed her fed her, woke up the older one helped her out made her breakfast helped wash her teeth found the shoes made her breakfast went to take a quick shower got dressed ate something put on our coats and am now ready to go :) .... Why oh why weren't I born a man?! loooool good grief so much to do in so little time yeah we women suffer looool
Anyway in between all this running around I had just the perfect time to post here this amazing tutorial about feather clips, hope you lot like it, and you already know what I normally say so here it goes once again ... " so lets roll up our sleeves and lets get crafting"

see you again soon everyone :)

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

♥ How to make a Flower Corsage Hairclip ♥

Hello crafty wackys, I must say I'm on one of doing fabric flowers  so I decided once again to search on the internet for some inspiration and obviously some how to tutorials cause I've never made such a thing before... Anyway I'll be posting a few more tutorials so that everyone could have a hand at making them too; I'll have a go at every single tutorial that I post and will be showing you the results of each one clearly displaying which tutorial I followed ok?! why don't you post me the photographs of your accomplished projects so that I could post them as well it would be an honor really.

Well I hope that I manage to find things that you and I love and that inspires you to roll up your sleeves and get crafting :)

see you all soon xoxoxoxo

Monday, 4 July 2011

MACM - Friend Card with Envelope

Hello everyone the other day when searching on the internet, so I would feel inspired I decided to look for handmade card making tutorials, I must say I love this girl, her imagination, inspiration and all there is is amazing ,I absolutely love it and was gobsmacked with the lovely designs and cards she makes, it makes me wish To make them as well.... well done you!!! I decided to share this with you cause I loved it so much that I think you will to...

Now because today is a sunny and warm day I would advise you to enjoy this lovely weather go to the beach; why not make a picnic with the little ones, enjoy yourself and leave the housework to a rainy day enjoy your kids while their little ... they grow up so fast I already miss mine when they were babies and I would just hold them in my arms and cuddle them or put them to sleep.... awww....

well see you all soon, I have a lot more wonderful tutorials from wonderful people To post so keep tuned :)