Thursday, 29 August 2013

All together for Charity

Hello everyone,

 I've been a busy bee lately this school summer holidays are giving me a lot to do , but not even enough to do for the kids the result has been some pretty bored children and a lot of tantrums.

 About this time last week I made a decision to make some items for a charity that would be selected by all of you.

 The items soon to be donated will be some cake stencil borders some cake stencils for cup cakes, 2 fabric dolls 2 fabric teddies 1 fabric bunny, 2 sets of cards and envelopes ( 5 cards+ envelopes+gift tags ) all in an handmade box; Might not be much but hopefully it will help to raise some funds for the ones in need.

 What I ask of you,, all of you who read this post is to go to our facebook page and choose one charity by leaving a comment with the name of the charity you choose.

When all the items I mentioned above are ready I'll post the pictures and I 'll also take a photo of me with the shop attendant of the lucky charity.

 Here's some of the names of the charitys closse by:

                                              ST. LUKES HOSPICE
                                              CANCER RESEARCH UK

Now its all up to you my lovely crafty wackys.

See you soon,

Monday, 12 August 2013

Cake Decorating Acessories

Hello my lovers,

In this area of our shop you'll find many things you need for cake decorating, some are essentials others aren't but all of them help in expanding our creativity regarding cake decoration. This post will be updated every time we got a new product for you, and to buy you'll only need to click on the buy it now button and follow the steps requested.

                          Cake Stencils

this stencils are handmade, there is a huge variety which will be increasing nearly every week, our stencils are reusable and are perfect to use with royal icing, edible glitter, edible luster dust, etc. To see the variations on each product just click the options and scroll down to find the preferred one.

                              BORDERS £2.50 + postage

Border Design
Border Designs

Monday, 5 August 2013

How to Buy from Lili's Handmade Crafts

 Hello my lovers and thank you in advance for your orders. Here at LHC orders are created upon your requirements you can buy anything from mdf decorations or ornaments to papier mache box's , fabric pillows or dolls, etched glassed items or even items done with cardsotock; we also do and sell celebration cakes, sweets/ candy cakes, cup cakes cake stencils cake box's and boards etc. YOU NAME IT WE MAKE IT.

Most of our items can be personalised if you wish so leave us a message with your requirements.

               BUTTERFLY DESIGN PERSONALIZED PILLOW                                  (any colour fabric and font type and colour leave your requirements in the message to seller box when making the payment)

Size Options and Prices

 (any colour fabric and font type and colour leave your requirements in the message to seller box when making the payment)

Size Options and Prices

                      PERSONALIZED PHOTO PILLOW
 (any colour fabric and font type and colour leave your requirements in the message to seller box when making the payment)                                          

Size Options and Prices

(leave us a message when doing the payment stating what you have in mind, we will send you a preview of your requested item...)

Size Options and Prices

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Fabric Dolls Experience

 Hello my wackys how have you all been,

 Its been a busy week for me, and I'm definitely glad its the weekend , shame its Sunday already. So this past week I had 2 birthday parties to take my kids to and you might think its all good and easy but I don't quite find it that way, its summer school holidays now and the girls are home all day everyday, the result is a lot of arguing like " live your sister alone" - "don't do that"- " you gonna hurt yourselves"- bla bla bla can you  see yourself in this picture?!!   There's  moments were we all are happy making a mess, playing board games, baking, dancing to music on TV, but it doesn't stop being challenging to cope with 2 little girls which are 6 and 3 years old and a baby who's 3 months old... sometimes I think I'm loosing my sanity lolol.

Sometimes I recon I like to test my limits you see with all the house work kids cooking etc. I like crafting and having 2 b-day parties coming would be the perfect time for me to try and make something new, which in my case was fabric dolls; I didn't realise how hard it would be to actually finish the projects on time for the birthdays and do everything a mum has to do including putting the baby to sleep ... Do you got the idea!?

Basically this dolls took me a hole day from start to finish, however in a normal day with kids in school and baby possibly in the nursery I recon it would take me only 2 hours, anyway they got done in the end and I'm very happy with the end result, they were my first 2  fabric dolls ever but I have a feeling there's more coming on.

What do you think?!! Do you like making stuff as well why not share some pictures with all of us :)

See you soon my wackys xxxxxxxxx