Monday, 22 April 2013

DIY Baby CoT Bedding Set

Hello everyone,

Well, I've been way over my head lately... yeah this pregnancy hormones are taking the best out of me, I've been moody, angry, teary you name it... Thank God there's only 9 more days left... Lets Hope I don't get the baby blues though lolol...

 So today I bring you an almost finished project of mine, which is going to stay home but I or even you can always make and sell it yourself, the purpose of this one however is to stay here with me has a gift for my little unborn boy and to serve me has practise obviously :)

 So on the saving bit of this post we have an old cot ( which was sanded down, primed and painted sky blue and the clear waxed) + we have fabric + wadding & the normal stuff like thread etc. ( whatever we need to actually make it)

 Here's how it is so far:
 This will be the cot bumper protection that goes around in a 3 way allowing me to see what's going on with my little one without having to get up an peeping.... It still needs to be attached together and filled with wadding .

This is the already finished duvet cover (2 faced) I can also use the back, which is an all white fabric with a blue gingham heart similar to this one....
 On the saving side here I decides to make a cover instead of a quilt 'cause I already had a "duvet" bought when my first child was born but being her a girl I had to make it more boyish :)

 So on my still to do list is finishing the bumper bit  making some cot sheets, and making a matching change mat with 2 pouches 1 for the wipes and 1 for the nappies and cream, that I can just roll up and put it in the bag in order to take it with me wherever I go, and when I get home I'll just need to take it from my bag unroll and put it on the changing cot attachment that I currently have ideal don't you think no need to buy 2 different things .... SAVE UP SAVE UP my people, economy is no laughing matter at the moment is it?!

If you buy all of this in the shops it will cost you:

Quilt and Bumper set +- £25.00
Cot Sheets (fitted and flat set) +- £15.00
Changing mat usually around £10.00
PLUS the travel Changing mat £10.00 as well

This equal at least £60.00 and I'm being generous here cause it can be way more and you know it...

Now if you make it (this is how much you would spend  +-):

5 meters of fabric  (1m for the duvet cover; 1 m for the bumper; 2m for the sheets (or less) 1m for the changing mat) at £3.00 p/m = £15
1 meter of clear pvc  for the changing mat = £4.99
2 meters of 4oz wadding for the bumper = £5
1 m Iron on velcro for closing the cover ( you wont need all of it) = £2.50

This will come to a total off  £32.50 +- ... hummm what would you rather do?!! Not have any work whatsoever and buy something mass produced with no personal character, no charm or not even what you actually had in mind... or do exactly what you have in mind and even if you want personalise the whole thing which would just even had value to it?!!!

 Hummm, not much to think is there?!! sometimes is better to be proactive and get your hands in it... Lets not forget the feel good factor of you being able to say "Yeah I did it myself " "I've done that" - OH so good... and lets just admit it the ahhh's of admiration from others always boost our self- esteem up.

 This is why I love crafting :), the whole process of imagining the "drawing" how something will turn out the measuring, the cutting, the sewing the whole process is just magical and personal which for me is just priceless.

Hope you guys have a lovely day.

I'll show you the end result when my baby corner is all done :)

See you soon

Friday, 5 April 2013

A first try at a Handmade Baby Sleep Positioner ( support)

Hello my wackys,

 GOD its been ages I know, but please don't give up on me, craftier times approach and Video tutorials as well ;) never done them before but everything has a first time right :) and challenge is my motto.
 If you follow me on facebook you know what this post is about, if not I'll tell you, 1 week ago I was asked to do a little personalised pillow that would fit on a moses basket, that bit is no challenge for me anymore what accompanied it however was .... A Baby Sleep Positioner yeahp.... :-/ can you imagine my face when my partner at 7 am arrived work from home and told me that a colleague of his asked him that just because he had the brilliant idea to say that I do it __ WHAT a x$£? are u thinking?! I asked__ I never did anything like that and you know it I told him... I don't even have the right material its not just fabric and filling you know.?!! ____ What can't you do it?! ____ I don't know, how should I if I never even tried it... but I'll give it a go ... OH MY GOD, I was in way over my head no idea where to start  where to order the foam measurements nothing........ ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ( frustration scream).

 Well here's the end result anyway:

I'm not completely happy with it , in the future I'll use semi- cylinders instead in order to give more stability and I'll also use a thin foam base, and way wider Velcro wider elastic, etc. ... lets just say I learnt a lot from this experience.... bloody hell I didn't even think to look on the internet to see the designs of if before I ordered the foam cylinders oh well .... Whats done is done, hopefully they'll like it....
Here's one from the high street I found on the internet afterwards:

Ahhhhh ( thinking).....  This is how they're supposed to look like.... Geee.... After reading some reviews I saw that people wanted it a bit bigger so little old me decided to have the foam longer and slightly wider lolol well, the result is above....
I still prefer mine has with the elastics on the back you can adapt from moses basket to cot, the foam pads are completely removable so you can wash it  or use them has a decor for the crib when the baby is older.
Well I don't know if they're gonna like it but practise makes perfect isn't it it was my first try and now I know what to do and what not to do and more importantly what's it suppose to look like looool :D
I steel prefer the design on mine has the shop ones look quite sterile :) nothing wrong with some pretty pink hearts is there :)?
Well know that I poured my heart out here, I feel much better... I will definitely be making more for sale just not completely with the same mistakes or should I call it quirkiness.
see you all soon my lovers, and don't not do or try something different just because you never did it or tried it before, we learn from our mistakes that's what crafting is all about.
See you soon everyone.