Saturday, 28 April 2012

Handmade T-Shirt painting super cute

Hello my wackys, I'm a bit pressed for time today so I just wanted to leave you with this project that you can make in less than half an hour and is super easy really, just remember to let it dry completely for at least one hour and if you intend to wash it after wards yoou'll need to leave it for 72h ok....

The material used in this video is:

3D fabric paints ( with aplicators)
white 100% cotton t-shirt
a board ( so the t-shirt is nice and straight)
1 brush
a rectangle board template
temporary fabric spray ( to hold fabric in place)

And that's all really the rest my lovelies is completely up to you, go on then lets start imagining new sings to draw on ;)

See you lot soon

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Handmade Make Up or Jewelry Organizer

Hello, Hello!!!

Would you just look at this?! Would you ?!!!
This is a super Fabulous Project, you gotta love it really.
 You can do so many types of boxes really , they are used for anything nowadays, like storing make up, Jewelry, wine boxes, etc.

The Measurements: Box WIDTH 13cm x 4 Times  Box LID 13.5cm x 4 Times

Material Needed:

Thick Cardstock (like grey backing board 4 example)
X- Knife
PVA Glue
Good Quality Present wrapping Paper
Pencil ( 4 markings)
Sticky Tape
Super Strong Glue  ( like Gorilla glue to attach the drawers)

( follow the instructions shown at the video)

Baby & Children Rabbit soft Toy Gift

Good Morning People, How you doin' today?!

 Its been a while  I'vent posted, but I've been working 50h a week and then have to come home to my girls and hubby and givve them the attention they deserve as well has doing the house work.... Sometimes I think it sucks to be a women we have so much to do and so little time.

 But has I often say to you guys I never forget about you, ever.... so today here's oine more tutorial on doing this super cute softie , to do it you'll need a sewing machine, white fleece (or any other color you would like), matching Thread,  a Template ( you can actually take it from the net), some blush for the cheeks and some black thread; then you'll just need to follow the video instructions you dont really need to understand what they're cause the images are self explanatory.

 Enjoy making your little ones this special gift!!!

See you soon


Sunday, 1 April 2012

How to make "Embroidered" table Towels with Fabric ink

WOW!!!!! I HAD NO IDEA that this could be made this way, what am I telling you this brazillian program is just to good, I mean it's amazing, who would even imagine that all these beauties could me made this way I mean WOW

Embroidered?! Really?! I mean I love it but machines are so expensive nowadays, why spend tons of money, if you can get the same effect this way... Think about it :)

Well you know that because I love you so much I had to share this with you its just so cool,
you only need any tipe of cotton / polyester even voile fabric, transfer paper, templates, fabric paints in little tip bottles or you can use 3D liner pens its just so cool .... Oh my God I'm having an epiphany looooool

See you lot soon.

Hope that with all this videos I'll be able to help you all get some more jing a ding (meaning money) to come your way.


The cutest Key rings ever

Hello my lovelies

I just reaaally needed to post this one, I know its my 2nd post about keyrings but just look at them they are so CUTE, and amazingly easy to do has well.

Just follow the video you really don't need to understand what they are saying has it is self explanatory.

Here's the list of the materials:

* felt
* fabric
* key ring
* white cotton
* blush
* fabric pen
* fabric paint
* a bit of wool
* needles and thread
* polyester filling

Now my sweethearts, go enjoy yourselfs, create something has special has you and enjoy the whole process while your at it.

Thank you for watching

See you soon,

magic £ (notes) wallet - Recycle milk cartoon

Hello there my wackys,

Another great sunday it seems, sorry its been so long..... OH GOD  gotta love this silence, everyone's in bed sleeping, dreaming about their future :).

 Anyway I found this website the other day, " Programa Vida Melhor" its a brazillian show and I must say I'm kind off addicted to it really it teaches you to do so many stuff out of recyclable materials like milk cartoons, plastic bottles and even those aluminium cans ( pepsi / coke/ etc.)

I know the tutorial is all in brazillian but I think its self explanatory if you watch it all, but I'll leave you guys some pointers on waht materials to use ok?! so here it goes

Materials needed:

* empty and washed milk cartoon
* scissors
* pva glue like mod podge
* a brush to spread the glue
* chosen cotton fabric
* matching ribbon 1cm large

How to:
 - Cut 4 rectangles out of the milk cartoon round the corners if you wish so
 - Spread the glue in 2 of the rectangles only on one side, and put the fabric on it, make it all nice and pretty
 - Now attach the ribbon just like in the tutorial above, , one as to make a cross and the other goes in straight but both binding both rectangles together
 - Glue the other 2 rectangles already covered with the fabric and glue them into the other ones in order to cover the ribbon
- now if you'd like you can put some modge podge to cover the outsides has it will dry clear it will become sort of a varnish.

Hope you liked this tutorial has much has I did, by the way don't forget to close the wallet on one side and open the other way just like in the video ;)