Friday, 28 June 2013

How to transfer images onto canvas

Hi there my lovers ,

Yes its been a long  long time, and I know I'm due a few pictures videos and not to mention tutorials so here comes one just written for now, later on fingers crossed I'll be able to do a video but for now, this is how its gonna be has I'm still trying to sort of space in my house and time after taking care of 3 children to make the How to videos, hopefully coming very soon...

 So here it goes:

1st cover your canvas with a gel medium such has liquitex  use generous amounts of it has it will give you a better result in the end.

2nd Put some liquitex on the photo/image has well.

3rd Press the photo copy (laser is best) onto the canvas image down and let it dry all night.

REMEMBER: if you have any text with the picture you'll need to print it in mirror image mode ok...

4th the next day use a wet sponge ( with water obviously " not completelly soaking ok?!") and dab the paper, and with the tips of your fingers start rubbing the paper off.

5th use a hot gun to dry it faster and then repeat the above has necessary, until you're just let with your image. It takes time and is quite messy but don't give up. Also don't rub to hard or you could actually remove bits of the print.

6th use some mode podge or the smae gel medium but I prefer mod podge has a sealer to protect your image and that's it really :)
  1. So what are you waiting for go on start crafting, this makes wonderful gifts or home decoration ;o) If I can do it so can you ...
  2. See you soon my wackys xxxxxxxxx
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