Sunday, 27 May 2012

how to degrease home appliances

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 I must say its been a while since I've posted but I can't honestly say that I haven't been crafting has you may well know if you follow my facebook account, any way that's not why I'm posting. So lets ear it the reason that drives housewives and man alike so crazy and turned out with the house work, some of what I'll be writing here may sound slightly crazy but I guarantee to you that it actually works wonders, its environmentally safe, cheaper than buying all the different types of products to clean your house thoroughly has I might imagine you do and OH ! so Easy, yeahp that's right I said easy has easy has 1 2 3.

Microwave Cleaning
 yeahp has so many of us insist in using the Microwave without a cover it can actually get awfully smelly and dirty with all those splatters of food and drinks every where; so in order to clean it properly and getting rid of smells I usually put a little bowl of vinegar in it doesnt need to be much, and run it for about 3 minutes, the vapours will help loosen the grease and get rid of the smells, then with a cloth I dampen it slightly on the hot vinegar and wipe the whole thing, in and out and guess what it doesn't stink has you might think.

 Stainless steel appliances
we all  hate our stainless steel decors or toaster and kettles full of finger prints or splatters, so why not steel use the hot vinegar method has mentioned above, by the way don't forget to use a dry cloth to buffer it after.

 To Degrease oven or grill shelving
I  must admit that I ousted to do a lot of  elbow grease with scourers and God knows what, but since I read a little something on a book, well I must say Never again!!!! What I do now might sound crazy to you but I will never change again... I run a little hot bath just enough water to cover the shelves in and put a bit of washing powder, like half a cup for example (the one intended for the laundry, you can use the cheap stuff has it does the same effect) lay the shelves in there and leave it for a bit while you busy yourself doing other stuff... then when you're ready wipe it all out with a dish sponge, how easy is that you can do the same with the top bits if you have a gas cooker.

This are just a few things that you can do, I'll post some more later on has today I'm a bit pressed on time...

Hope this helps you to get some more time to enjoy yourself.

See you soon,

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