Friday, 22 November 2013

Competition on our fb page

Hello my lovers its been too long, I've been a bit busy being  mum of 3 and doing all sorts of crafty things, and now that I look back I see thta its definitely been ages since I last posted in here, but if you really are with me you'ld ee that I've been on my FB pag nearly every day making updates posting pics etc. what I mean with all of this is go to my fb page like the page and while your at it why not enter our competition that ends at midnight today .

For now I'll leave you with a few links of a few tutorials that you may find helpful this Christmas season.

I know they are not mine but I dont see the point to do something that someone already did :) plus this way I help other kind souls to get some views ...

Well enough chatting hey,
I use tissue paper pom- poms all the time and for every possible occasion you may think off, well except funerals of course . I would think that red and white ones differing in size would make a wonderful Christmas decor don't you??

love wreaths no better way to tell the world your setting up for christmas and that you love it as well.

Table center piece an essential at any festive table.

Hope you find some inspiration from these videos  

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