Thursday, 29 August 2013

All together for Charity

Hello everyone,

 I've been a busy bee lately this school summer holidays are giving me a lot to do , but not even enough to do for the kids the result has been some pretty bored children and a lot of tantrums.

 About this time last week I made a decision to make some items for a charity that would be selected by all of you.

 The items soon to be donated will be some cake stencil borders some cake stencils for cup cakes, 2 fabric dolls 2 fabric teddies 1 fabric bunny, 2 sets of cards and envelopes ( 5 cards+ envelopes+gift tags ) all in an handmade box; Might not be much but hopefully it will help to raise some funds for the ones in need.

 What I ask of you,, all of you who read this post is to go to our facebook page and choose one charity by leaving a comment with the name of the charity you choose.

When all the items I mentioned above are ready I'll post the pictures and I 'll also take a photo of me with the shop attendant of the lucky charity.

 Here's some of the names of the charitys closse by:

                                              ST. LUKES HOSPICE
                                              CANCER RESEARCH UK

Now its all up to you my lovely crafty wackys.

See you soon,

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