Sunday, 26 February 2012

Mothers day gift Ideas

Hello my wackys,

 yeahp I know its been a long time, but to be honest when I get home from work, and after doing the school homework with the girls, dinner and prepping them to bed I'M EXHAUSTED all the working and even the ones that are at home understand what I mean.... as soon as I get my head on a pillow is just has if I have an Off button...

Anyway not making any excuses here I sure do miss crafting like crazy, blogging and enjoying myself, but we can't have it all can we?! We can't be in two places or do more than 2 things at the same time.... OR can we?!!! Hummmm have to make a little research on that.

 So today I'm going to have  a mother's day gift brainstorm with you what do you think?! After all here in the UK it is celebrated in March this year on the 18th if I'm not mistaken.

I thought about something you could do yourself (OBVIOUSLY) - I like crafting and that's why you are here after all - so here it goes:

 * memories of the two of you scrapbook ( put pictures , write about your memories with her, scent the pages decorate it, put dried flours on it, the possibilities are endless really)

* a beauty hamper made by yours truly ( bath salts, a couple of candles, a body cream , a little towel embroidered with her initials anything you can think off)

* a picture frame ( previously basic and completely personalised and altered by you) with a photo of you together

 * bake her some cookies and decorate them  wrap them in cellophane and tie it with some gorgeous ribbon and make a card as well

 * give her your favourite flowers together with a meal just for you guys/girls

 * give her some photo blocks the big one stating Best Mum (engraved, for example) or something and the other 2 with pictures of you and her imprinted on them

 * Decoupage a box and inside put photos of you and her and anything that brings back memories

* make her a personalised purse/ pillow/ bag/ picture puzzle/  etc.

 As you can see there is many, many stuff we can create with just a bit of imagination, time and a couple of quid . I hope that this mother's day will be special for the 2 of you and if you don't really want to bother you could always do the obvious like buying her a perfume flowers or take her on a trip to the beach or a park anything she would love.... and of course don't worry too much about it cause in the end what we mums want and love best is to spend quality time with our sons/ daughters and know that we have not been forgotten and that we are much loved by you :)

 See you soon my wacky with some tutorials of the ideas presented above.

 Now, you know what I'm goin' to say don't you?!!! YEAHP , exactly.... "Roll up your sleeves and lets start crafting"


please note that the pictures shown above were taken from google images

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