Sunday, 12 February 2012

Saving Money just like nana ;)

Hello my wacky savers, how have you been this weekend?!

Valentines day is upon us, and I must admit I haven't done or give it much thought, 'am now working from either 7am to 17pm or from 9am to 19pm so my days have been a bit on the tight side lately, but I never forget about you guys out there I'm always thinking I must get some time to blog and create...

So here I am today with some shopping tips that you may already know but that is worth remembering.

My grandma always teached me to make lists and make notes of every little thing she bought or she needed to buy, she also showed me how to save up some money by doing things this way:

-she had a little safe, in that safe there was 4 pockets made of card each pocket corresponded to each week in a month, if she for example received 500 euros p month she would put 100 euros in each pocket and the extra 100 euros she would automatically deposit it in the bank...

- She would go daily to the market to buy fresh meat and fish which would then be done on that same day for lunch and dinner;

- Before going grocery shopping she would make a weekly list according with the menu for each day, and she would buy what was needed for that week she would then save up the excess of the things in a cupboard; every week she would do the same except the forth week of the month...

- on the forth week my sweet nana would use up all she had on the cupboard instead of going out to buy anything she would only buy the meat or the fish and vegetables for a salad or soup daily;

Has you probably figured out already this means that the money she had in the forth pocket was almost always unused, and if it was in fact used then most likely it would have been to pay the rent and utility bills that they had at the time; when she didn't need to use it however she would save 200 euros a month which per year would give a whooping 2400 euros, it may not sound much but believe me when I tell you it is considered a great amount to be saved in Portugal...

I am lucky that she's still around us, unfortunately I'm so far away, and I deeply miss her and her wisdom, ohhh almost forgot she always warned me not to go shopping when I was hungry cause I would almost likely buy more than I actually needed, I know it's hard to change our habits but baby steps will help.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight .

See you guys soon with more tips on how to save some money ;)

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