Sunday, 1 April 2012

How to make "Embroidered" table Towels with Fabric ink

WOW!!!!! I HAD NO IDEA that this could be made this way, what am I telling you this brazillian program is just to good, I mean it's amazing, who would even imagine that all these beauties could me made this way I mean WOW

Embroidered?! Really?! I mean I love it but machines are so expensive nowadays, why spend tons of money, if you can get the same effect this way... Think about it :)

Well you know that because I love you so much I had to share this with you its just so cool,
you only need any tipe of cotton / polyester even voile fabric, transfer paper, templates, fabric paints in little tip bottles or you can use 3D liner pens its just so cool .... Oh my God I'm having an epiphany looooool

See you lot soon.

Hope that with all this videos I'll be able to help you all get some more jing a ding (meaning money) to come your way.


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