Sunday, 22 April 2012

Baby & Children Rabbit soft Toy Gift

Good Morning People, How you doin' today?!

 Its been a while  I'vent posted, but I've been working 50h a week and then have to come home to my girls and hubby and givve them the attention they deserve as well has doing the house work.... Sometimes I think it sucks to be a women we have so much to do and so little time.

 But has I often say to you guys I never forget about you, ever.... so today here's oine more tutorial on doing this super cute softie , to do it you'll need a sewing machine, white fleece (or any other color you would like), matching Thread,  a Template ( you can actually take it from the net), some blush for the cheeks and some black thread; then you'll just need to follow the video instructions you dont really need to understand what they're cause the images are self explanatory.

 Enjoy making your little ones this special gift!!!

See you soon


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