Friday, 21 September 2012

Its been too long...

Hello everyone,

 My God it has definitely been ages since the last time I posted, not for option I might say, but you know how it goes, we all are busy bees in our busy life's... plus I've been on Holidays back home (Portugal) it was a lovely lovely time  bearing in mind that I drove there, yes yes I k now you might be asking yourself, DRIVE/ CAR/ ACROSS THE ATLANTIC and Yes will I reply again....

 I must say it was the most 2 and 1/2 painful days of my life 30h drive yeah you heard me alright 30h on a Dam car sorry for cursing there but by the end of the trip I couldn't even look at the car (sigh)... Geeee ... On the way we stopped several times to eat and freshen up a little bit my oldest princess manged to fall asleep 3 times and wake up and we were still in France .... I was going mental about it so tirening, but it was definitely worth it to see my Nana and my mommy again, plus friends and the rest of the family obviously.

 The weather over there was and still is great, 35 degrees yeahp 35 degrees of pure heat hardly any breeze at all, perfect for the beach, bbq, and going to the pool Yeahp Sure did miss that, I hadn't been there in ages.... MY girls absolutely loved it....

 And because I'm so proud of my little and unfortunately in crises here's some pics of Portugal.

Sao Jorge Castel

Bairro Alto, Lisbon

The Tower of Belem Lisbon

Expo 98, Lisbon

Sintra Castel
Hope that you liked the Photos we are a small country but we are full of happy and friendly people.
Thanks for looking and see you soon with loads of alloween ideas :)

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