Sunday, 12 August 2012

Food Colouring Nightmare

Hello my wackys how have you been?!! Busy?

 I bet You've been pretty busy, if not with your crafts and you live in the uk Perhaps catching the sun?!! Hummm, yeahp it doesn't come around this areas all that much so when it does you might as well enjoy it, there's no such thing has a summer in the UK I must say, which is a shame really its great to take the kids outside when its warm , blow up a little pool for them to play or simply go for walks on the beach ...

Anyway my food colouring nightmare happened 2 nights ago, when I had an order of 2 cake toppers, yeahp my printer when crazy, not quite sure of whats wrong has it isn't quite working yet, and its actually driving me mad... I suppose I'll have to spend a couple of hours searching the web to see how to fix it.... well that night though I did almost anything I could think off, I cleaned the nozzles I aligned the whole thing, I topped up the cartridges with the food colouring ink and got it all over my hands .... DISASTER.... That's what I thought, how on earth am I going to remove it from my skin?!!!

 I tried rubbing it with washing up liquid it faded lightly but I was still a mess :); my fault really next time I have to remember to use some silicone gloves or something, and then a light flashed on my head,You know What?!! There's a little thing called Internet and there it was "How To Remove Food Colouring From Skin" YEIHHHHH, I was saved ( what a relief has I had places to be on Saturday, I couldn't possibly show up with my hands looking like an abstract painting could I ?! NOP)

So I decided to share the method with all of you even though this is not the only place where you can see it or read about it ;

- first wet your hands and then got get your partners (if you have one) shaving cream or foam, yeahp you heard me shaving foam , I had the same reaction I bet you're having lol ;
- put a walnut sized amount on your hand and rub it like crazy all over your hands for about 3 minutes
- wash it out, and do it all over again
-after that, if there's still some remain of the colouring soak a cotton ball, pad or whatever in vinegar and pass it in the coloured areas it will lift up its remains and voila you'll be safe from being considered a living walking  Picasso painting ....

Hope this helps and see you lot very soon ***

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