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Meals On a Budget (saving you money)

Hello my lovers,

2013 is here and for many of us there's an arshe reality out there... many families are in so much debt that they can't possibly see a way out of it, they may think that everything's over, that the only thing they could or can do is to sell everything they have in order to pay their debts and while that is not entirely a lie, no one really wants to do it, do we?? Plus things loose value with time so hey wouldn't be worth has much has when you bought them.

  I know that this post wont solve all your problems, but it may ease at least the food bill for a family of four....

There's a misconception out there in what relates to food, many people think that they need to be full or feel full to not be hungry, and that my lovers is such a big lie, has its been tested and told by so many doctors and nutritionists....

So in this post, I'm going to give you some recipes, with how much they would cost and how many people it can feed.

My advise to you however is plan your weekly meals, and this includes the breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner.... make a little table, and then a list with what ingredients you'll need for them; I prefer to shop daily instead of weekly or monthly , cause that way I can get more on top of what I'm spending....  A LITTLE ADVISE: when you go shopping go directly to the area where your ingredients are, don't walk around or you may be tempted to spend more than what you'll actually have to.

So, lets give ourselves a budget of at least £5 a day, here are some examples of what you can cook/buy:

Breakfast & Snack : bowl of cereals (you can buy a packet of cereals for less than £2.00 and it will last you at least 1 week, if you have kids, if not it will last you even longer, try to buy the supermarket brand instead of the big brands for even more savings)
                                                 cup of coffee or tea and a slice of toast  ( now we all need milk, has it provides us with calcium which 's much needed for our bones 1l of milk at the moment is at least £0.70 but it will last more than one day "usually"; to reduced even more the costs of this choice, why not make your own bread, a packet of 1.5kg bread flour is around £1.20 and it will allow you to make more than one loaf, plus the fast action yeast which will be around £0.65  which come in 5 packets, meaning that you could make 6 loafs, again try the supermarket brand, I know I DO)
                                                 yogurt and fruit  ( the £ on yogurt prices differ largely, but lets say you buy a packet of french style smooth yogurt its £1.00, lets say you have a yogurt maker that makes batches of 7 or 8 pots, you'ld only need 1 pot , 1 litre of milk or less to make a batch of another 8, well this would be a lovely saving for a family with kids wont you say; regarding the fruit if you don't go all VIP it is quite accessible regarding prices, if you reackon that fresh fruit is expensive why not try the canned ones; I would do anything to keep my family healthy, budget or no budget wouldn't you?)
                                                   Cereal Bars lovellie and nutritious, this would be more expensive but  would be healthier than crisps or cookies as a snack, regarding the snack time its up to you ;)

Lunch & Dinners: Pasta & Meatballs (pasta £0.24/£0.50; meatballs £1.75/ £2.29 canned tomato £ 0.35/£0.60; onion £0.90 p/kg; Garlic £0.30/£0.70; white wine vinegar £0.80; Italian dried herbs £0.20 = £4.54 total : 4 people = £1.13 per person)

                                             Russian Salad (Mixed Vegetables £1.10; Tuna £0.64 ; Eggs £0.95; Potatoes £0.69; Mayonnaise £1.00 = £4.38 Total : 4 people = £1.09 pp)                                    

                                             Chicken Pie ( Puff pastry block £1.10, Chicken £2.00, Mushrooms £0.78, Single Cream £1.05= £4.93 total : 4 people = £1.23 pp)

                                             Creamy Soups (Potatoes £0.69, Carrots£0.90, Parsnips£0.80, Onions£0.90, Olive oil£1.38 =£4.67 Total :4 people = £1.16 pp)

                                             Fish fingers & Mash ( Fish Fingers £1.00, Mash £1.14 = £2.14 Total:4 people = £0.53pp)

                                             Pasta with tomato sauce and poached eggs (Pasta £0.50, Canned Tomato £0.35, onions £0.60, garlic £0.30, dried herbs £0.20, eggs £0.95 =£2.90Total : 4 people= £0.73pp)

                                             Sausages & Mash with Gravy (Fresh sausages £1.38, Mash £1.14, Gravy £0.75 = £3.27Total : 4 people = £0.81pp)

                                             Cottage pie (Potatoes £0.69, Mince£2.00 Mixed Vegetables£1.10, Onions£0.90, Garlic£0.30 olive oil£1.38 = £6.37Total __ I know this is more than a fiver but there will be a lot of ingredients leftover from other meals, like the onions, garlic, the potatoes and even the olive oil____:4 people=£1.59 pp)

                                             Salads ( Mixed salad leafs or just lettuce is up to you £1.00, tomato£0.82, cucumber£0.50,  onions£0.60, salad cream£0.66, breaded chicken burgers "bites" other £ 0.72___ be smart with your budget=£4.30Total : 4 people =£1.07pp)

                                             Fish cakes, mixed veg and chips (Fish cakes£1.25 , Mixed Vegetables£1.10 , Chips£2.00 = £4.35Total :4 people = £1.08pp)

                                             Homemade Pizza (you could also do the bases yourself if you already have the ingredients___pizza bases£1.18(x2), tomato ketchup£1.00 "or sauce", Topping of choice £0.78"I chose hot dogs cause my kids love it"  grated Cheese£1.74 = £4.70Total :4 people = £1.17pp)

                                             Chili com Carne ( rice £1.38, mince beef£2.00, Kidney beans£0.27(x2),canned tomato£0.35 (x2), onions£0.60, garlic£0.30, chili flakes£0.70= £6.22Total (again I know its more than £5.00 but you will still have some of the ingredients leftover):4 people= £1.55pp)

                                             Macaroni Cheese (macaroni£0.50, Single Cream£1.65, Grated Cheese£2.13=£4.28Total:4people= £1.07pp)

Etc. you got the idea don't you....

 I'm currently ahaving some issues posting images go figure...

I hope this post manages to help anyone who is counting their pennies or simply trying to save some cash for a specific reason, I wish you lot all the best.

See you soon,



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