Saturday, 9 February 2013

DIY hello kitty pillow

Hello my lovelies, how have you lot been??

 I finally re-started crafting this last week, has I had to make one pressie for a lovely little girl (7) that I know, I made her an hello kitty pillow, needless to say that she was very happy with it, and even slept with it that night, what more can one ask, but for it to be loved by the ones we care about ?!!

 It sure makes my day, and makes all the time I spend crafting worth it, the smile and the thought of an accomplished project makes me happy.... mind you I'm well known to start more than one project at a time... sometimes not even finish them, especially when they're for me lolol XD am I the only one?! Hope not...

Here's a picture of the pillow:

If you would like to make a pillow like this, here's what you'll need:

- Plain white 100% cotton fabric
- Iron on Transfer paper
- Scissors
- Inkjet Printer
- Rectangular cardboard to serve has a template for the pillow size/shape
- Pins
- Butterfly Big Shot Die for the back + Jean fabric
- Google images
- Sewing machine ( + colour matching thread)
- Iron & Board or a heat presser
- Polyester filling ( toy stuffing)
- bondaweb

How To:

- Fold Fabric in half
- Line the cardboard shape and pin it to the fabric; cut the fabric according to the card template
- Select the images you'll require and print them onto the specialist paper
- Cut the required shape be it a rectangle, a heart , a circle or a square
- Cut the images and position them on the fabric, take time to consider this has you wont be able to change it after
- Press the images with a very  hot iron (ATTENTION: TURN OFF THE STEAM) or the heat presser for at least one minute keep checking
- Place the fabric right sides facing each other, and make a cut in the middle off the fabric piece which will be the back so that you can turn it later....
- Sew all around the fabric, thus completely closing it
- Turn the pillow through the hole you made and pop out the corners
- Fill the pillow through that hole and when full use the butterfly die cut together with the bondaweb to seal it and disguise the hole

And there you have it a homemade personalised/ or not pillow.

Hope you guys give it a try, has it is a very easy project for anyone to make :)

See you soon sweeties.


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