Sunday, 3 March 2013

How to make Bias binding step by step

Hello my lovers,
 Its been a while yes I know, but from now on I'll post more often, has I'm finally on my maternity leave and free to craft until my fingers go numb ;o) .
So I've fallen completely in love with a super machine by Simplicity that does bias binding & piping, isn't that fabulous so much easier than the manual process that's for sure, however at a whopping £115.00 +- at amazon for instance, has wonderful has it may be and although it would definitely speed up all the crafting process I don't think that at the moment I would consider such an investment, maybe in the near future though... we'll have to wait and see don't we?!!
 So for all of us, simple minded and with an tight pocket here's how to do it the old fashion way.
What we obviously need however will definitely  be:
Fabric of your choice;
An Iron & Ironing board obviously
A Ruler ( I prefer the metal ones)
Bias binding tool ( those little metal triangles that you can find in almost any haberdashery store or even on the Internet)
    HOW TO:
    Fold a square of fabric in half diagonally across the middle.
     Press well and cut along the diagonal fold line.
    Decide how wide you want your bias binding strips to be and mark lines spaced at intervals of the finished width parallel with the diagonal side you just cut.
     Cut through both layers along the diagonal chalk lines.
           To join strips, hold the right sides of the ends of two strips together so that one strip is        
           perpendicular to the other, and sew along the diagonal seam.
           Press the seam open and trim the ears of fabric visible from the right side, then fold and press
           the bias tape as desired.

Make sure you have folded on the bias of the fabric by matching the crosswise grain to the selvage, so that the two grain lines are perpendicular to each other.
 The tape can be pressed and folded once or twice towards the middle along each side to make single-fold or double-fold bias tape.
 A quilters' rotary cutter, mat and ruler can be used to cut strips of equal length easily and without marking the fabric, you can also used the aid of the binding tool if you find necessary, it speeds up the process a bit but if you don't have any don't fret .
Here's a youtube video to help you visualise it ( and no its not me on it, I'm a bit camera shy ;o) ):

Hope this video helps.

See you soon my lovely crafty wackys :)

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