Sunday, 29 July 2012

Yeihhhh a Sizzix Eclips machine.... hummmm?!?!!

Hello my wackys how have you lot been?!

Same old same old eih... Yeah I know just how you feel, it is the end of a Sunday here in the UK, in a couple of hours it will be Monday, Yeihhh ( just joking really), another days work...

 Anyway the reason Of this post is to talk about the sizzix eclips machine, I heard so many praises for this little "OK" NOT so little machine, I had so  many high hopes for it I search and read review after review... I must say I am a little bit disappointed, my hubby bought it to me after months of PLease please can we buy this I could make this or that or even this I thought... How stupid could I be, Pathetic, OK so here's the thing I have a manual die cutting machine " the Big Shot" completely love it amazing little thing pros can cut almost anything you could imagine cons small width and the dies are quite costly plus you'll need a good deal of storage for them.... Has I said I love it, so I must admit I reallly reallllllllyyyyy had High expectations for the eclips I mean its electronic cuts 12''x12'' and 12''x24'' IDEAL  I thought; even better the cartridges bring more than one design, are small so don't actually ocupy much space PLUS it has a software where I can actually do whatever designs I wish plug the machine to the computer and voila (ok this one is actually a good one)..... hummmm after getting it and putting it all together, the first blade I used in the machine was crap it was lifting the card and not making clean cuts has it was actually supposed too ( good thing it comes with 2); ok I changed the blade and it now makes clean cuts HURRAY!!I tried the backing board I usually use in my big shot to make my mini albums and I realise I couldn't actually cut the grey backing board, has it was too thick ( a bit like me probably), SO... I discovered the hard way I must say that this little gem is only actually good to cut stuff up to 300 micrograms or gms has you like it, if you use any thicker than this be prepared to make double cut or jamming your sweet machine....

Now onto the cartridges and the handheld remote I'm a complete beginner so I purchased another cartridge the bags boxes and albums one because that's what I wanted the machine for to be honest... it goes in ok a little tricky to remove by hand But if you have the accessory pouch its pretty easy just use the blue bit of the spatula and it will come right of- they have a variety of cartridges with super cool designs and great phrases OK but how the hell can I cut the Box templates instead of the sample that shows on screen ?!!! Humm shall I press this button or that button geeee!!! I discovered I needed to press the FILL button on the remote to cut the box template but that's not what they tell you in the videos is it?! NOP they say just press the ok button to select the image and the press cut ( the scissors image) BOLUX... do you know what happened it just cut the image of the box, not the template to actually make the Dam box  - yes yes I know the instruction manual might say it you say hahaha no it doesn't I know I'm not british but it just says it will cut a bunch of shapes " FILL: takes the selected shape and automatically fills the material with has many as possible. this function can also be used to cut multiple shapes from the queue" WHAT?!!! HUM leaves you wondering doesn't it?! well it sure did me....

Software , well cant really complain much although could be a little bit more user friendly, has I said I'm a complete beginner, and forgive me if I might need to spend much more time on it, but being a mum of 2 , working, cooking & cleaning doesn't leave me much time.

SOOOO, overall if you would like to know if I could go back in time would I buy it?!! Probably not is the answer... Maybe it will become a yes in future when I learn all the tricks to it but for a beginner, I wouldn't recommend, the truth is that it can make beautiful stuff yes I agree but mainly out of card stock or thinner, if you want something thicker you'll need to cut the same shape at least 3 or more times and glue it together ( like to make covers for example)

Sizzix Eclips machine I Give you a 3 out of 5, way to expensive for the materials range that it cuts.

Hope this helps someone out there, that is actually thinking in buying this....

See you lot soon ****

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