Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Cards on a Budget


 My God it looks like this year has gone by so darn fast... I mean, I can still remember almost everything I've done in January!! Is it just me?!!

 Well here we are, its the 15th of December and there's only 10 more days until Christmas, my Christmas shopping and handmade stuff is almost all done, missing only 1 or 2 things really...

 Today I instituted on my self to make a pillow, some drawer fresheners, and the Christmas Cards for my neighbours... Yeah you read it right the first time, here in the uk it seems that you give cards on every little or big occasion that you might think off, being it Easter, Christmas, birthdays graduations, being poorly, loosing a tooth, you name it, they make it lol :)

 So to make this cards I used a Digital Software called Serif Craft artist, I personally love it really you can do so much with it, cards, invitations photo books, journals, table decorations etc., they have all sorts off digikits which are amazing.

 I also used the Marta Stewart Scoring Board, to score and fold them as well has the envelopes to which I also used my Sizzix eclips; and here's the result:

Hope it will inspire you in doing your own, and it does save a bit of cash has you can always make personalised cards with your fam pics.
See you soon xxxx

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