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DIY Christmas Presents on a low budget

Hello my friends,

 I've been overwhelmed with all the blog views I've been having lately, for that a thank you very much for all of you out  there :).

 Now the subject in matter here today is Christmas presents and more importantly a low budget, if it means giving one or more people a similar thing then let it be it, there's nothing wrong with that is there?! Plus hand made by you as a lot more meaning to your family and friends...

So I been here thinking and thinking pondering on the budget issue of things and I reached the conclusion that you can do it  for less than £5 for each person, so lets tackle the groups one by one

CLOSSE FAMILY ( Mother, Father, Sisters or/ & Brothers, Grandma's, Grandpa's, Son, Daughter, etc.)
CLOSE FRIENDS (Best Friends, Life friends, School mates etc.)
WORK MATES (presents exchange)

 So regarding the closse family, think... do you have children yourself if so, your mum and dad would love something that they could look at and remember them of their grand kids or of family fun, like for example their hand print, foot print, something written by them, a journal or photo book with their pictures (grandparents with grand kids); and this my lovers you can definitely do yourself :)

 Here's a list of supplies for different projects, and some suppliers here in the uk (I'm sure you'll find and have craft stores in your country as well) ; ;
porcelain paint pens or whatever you need for your project ( the pens would cost around £2.20 each)
porcelain plate; mug; egg cups or anything related to your project it could even be a tile ( this item range in between £0.35 and £1.50), the end result however is priceless :)

Here's some examples:

Fabric bag, Plain t-shirts, Plain aprons etc. ( this items cost in between £0.95 and £2.50 per piece)
Fabric Pens, fabric paints, Fabric Dies ( this will cost in between £1.95 for pens and £3.95 for pots)

For Journals or Photo books you can do a lot of different things, use different materials, stuff that you might even already have at home : cardboard patterned paper, photos, stamps, fabric and wadding for the covers who knows the world is your oyster, here's some pictures;
If you don't own anything whatsoever than to keep things on a low budget you can always buy a scrapbook ( which is +- £1.00 depending on the size, update the cover with either some fabric or patterned paper and print the pictures and cut shapes to decorate, write stuff in it, just be sure to take your time has it is supposed to be something with a lot of sentiment in it)

 For other family like brothers/sisters you could have a really nice picture frame with you and them and this would definitely cost less than a fiver specially if you print the picture yourself, if you'd like to personalise it even further make some a mattboard behind the picture, you could use your patterned paper for that or some wall paper depending on the size that's really up to you, you could also stencil & paint a plain frame to add some character to it.

NOw, FRIENDS AND PRESENTS EXCHANGE  why not do a batch of home made jam, I have some recipes on my blog or you can search the internet and recipe books for others ( to save some extra cash you can reuse old jars, don't forget to sterilised them tho)  make a really nice label either with your pc or patterned handwritten card stock and add some ribbon and fabric on the top to cover the lid. ( it will certainly make more than only one jam jar, so you'll have more than one gift right there.
You can also make some biscuits or cakes and decorate the outside with some cute packaging or make a little box to put it in if you don't do it yourself you can find some cute boxes in this website
Make some scented drawer or wardrobe freshener with just some fabric and dried lavender, dried lemon grass, you name it... you can also personalise this little tokens with your friends initials or a drawing in case the fabric is plain.
This are only a few ideas there is so much you can do without having to spend tons of money on shop bought presents... I know you will come out with great ideas, even better than mine to be honest. So why not start right now, have a brain storm and put your hands to it, I would love to have your feedback and hear about your ideas .
See you soon my lovelies :) 

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