Friday, 19 July 2013

And that's it my wackys...

Hello my lovers,

Today's post is to simply inform you that at the moment I wont be doing any more how to's written tutorials... why??? might you ask well, simply because  I done most of them, well the ones I know at least ;) so the next post will be showing you some accomplished projects and they will have a link attached to it where you can click and go directly to the written tutorial... In future I'll also post video tutorials but for now it will have to be a bit on a standby  :)

Also I'm going to some workshops now to try and learn new crafty things  I'll share the experiences with you...

Because it would literally be impossible to forget summer school holidays are upon us ad some have even already started , we all know sometimes how had it is to keep the kids busy and out of each others troats so I'll also be posting about stuff you can do with them either at home or outdoors.... so you see we have loads to share with you in the next few weeks so keep tuned.

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