Sunday, 20 November 2011

Etsy shop :)

Hi you all!!

 Hope you're enjoying this magical sunday. I don't usually hear/see the news it gets me a bit depressed you know,  the news seem to be always the same and on top of that is almost always bad news... Oh please give me a break, can't you guys Talk about the good things too, like someone beating Cancer , or winning the lottery, or for example how people come together when a child or a family needs help, now wouldn't that be better, wouldn't that make us think that there is still hope for humanity :), that not everything is lost ...

Anyway I was watching the BBC News, well not watching really just hearing it cause I was cleaning my little "palace" so what I heard was recession, recession recession..... right, but how come when you go to the shops down here they're always and I really mean allwaaayyss Full its Ques here and ques there... RECESSION you say?! hummmm it makes you think abou it doesn't it.

 Anyway recession or not I'm having a go at having an ETSY SHOP why not :)
 Its  all and made by yours truly, I still don't have much on it but I'll post more goodies there soon, but first I have to make them of course, some of my items can be personalised I just need you to inform me more or less what you want so that I can have an Idea.

 Anyway here's the link :

here's some pictures of what we're going to have in the shop, just a little taster really :)

See you soon my lovelies :)

Please note these are examples only anything can be changed has per your request, the images used were taken from the internet,

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