Monday, 21 November 2011

And NOWWW on Facebook yeihhhh

Hi my wackys, just thought I could drop in and let you huys know that you can find me on Facebook as well has Etsy yeihhhh

Another Monday, is it just me or the maijority of people just haaates mondays; fortunately to me its not my case Thursdays however are entirely different case... go figures but everything tends to go wrong.

Today ohhh what am I going to do today, I feel a bit lost to be honest, I don't actually feel like doing anything but I know that I should start practicing for my workshop, its my first one and I'm a bit nervous to be honest, the date is set and the projects that I was requested to "exemplify" and "explain" to the best of my knowledge ( - I don't like to say teaching or tutoring 1stly because I'm obviously not a teatcher nor a tutor) - is making my famous hair clips and because christmas is almost here some small felt Christmas Stockings; So the Workshop will be on the 7th of December at St. Mary's Cathedral School from 9.15 am 'till 11.30am.

 So just to give you guys a little taster, and perhaps persuade you to come ( Who Knows?! I would really love that ) here's some pics.

 So here's the links, and you can have a look at some of the things we can make and that you can personalise and order :!/pages/Lilis-handmade-crafts/222122387856497

See you soon my wackys

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