Thursday, 10 November 2011

Loom knitting + cake toppers link

Hey crafty's,

Its a bit late for posting yep I know that but I have a great reason to be doing this right now, 1stly because I'm training to stay awake until 5.30am so that when I start my shift at my new J O B has a data entry clerk hopefully I wont look like a zombie lololol ; its almost 3.30am here so I still have 2 and hours to go... 2ndly cause I just finished my 2nd loom knitting project today yap that's right I said KNITTING, loom knitting to be precise; My little princess is going to be 5 next week and I don't have much capital to buy her gifts if you know what I mean... anyway I figured that since she always love what I do be it toys, key rings, hair clips cakes etc. I thought that I could make her a hat and a scarf ( the days are getting veerryyyy cold anyway) and all made by mummy full of love just for her oh and I also made a cake topper to put on the cake I'm going to make for her :) I hope she likes it.

So what do you think about the cake topper?! Its sweet right... and I have great news for you, you my crafty wackys can order them from me, here's the link:

This one I made for Christmas has you can see. :)
do you like it?! I do....

Anyway back to loom knitting, follow this link and it will take you to a great tutorial, that helped me so much on making my first hat ....
not bad for a first timer if I can say so myself :D
hope you lot like it, and go loom kniting mad just like me XD

See you soon!!!

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