Sunday, 18 November 2012

My baby Girl is 6

Hello everyone how have you lot been?!!

Busy yeah, I can believe that more than you think this day to day shores, Christmas run, and in eventuality b-days or other party's do take the better of you every now and then, the secret is "FOCUS" yes you heard me.. "Focus " is the key ingredient in any recipe, any shore or any project, don't loose hope it will all get better or done soon, and then a wonderful thing happens you "will" be able to relax in the knowing that all you had to do is now done... so start it early so that you can finish it early and then  RELAX...

Anyway, with all I had to do this week I also had to prepare two birthday cakes, yeahp not one not 3 2. I cant believe that six years and 3 days ago I had the most traumatic, intense, amazing moment of my life or any women's life GAVE BIRTH... there is no words to describe it really at one point we just want it out, and another we just feel so much love when we see and hold that  little sprout for the first time; it is magical.

 We didn't make any party per say because it was a school day, instead my lovely sprout :D asked me to make her a cake so that she could celebrate with her school friends and colleagues, and another one so that we could sing happy b-day with her, that was her day and she decided what she wanted to do, so we ended up going to Macdonalds as well.

Here's some pictures of the cakes:

She is an Hello Kitty fanatic, so I designed the topper and then e-mailed it to a lady on e-bay that printed it onto icing "paper"

This one was my first ever done with Icing I think it came out quite alright don't you?!

Now, If I were to buy this from a shop it would cost me at least £15 to £20 each and making it myself I spent £15 including the boards and cake box to take it all the way to school ( inc. the hello kitty topper) 1 kg of flour costing at around £0.80 the same on sugar and eggs plus butter it all brings me to less than £20, so there you go 2 cakes for the price of 1 :) I'm one happy mommy, and whats best is that she loved it .

See you soon my lovers and remember sometimes it pays off to do things yourself, and it has a whole different meaning to it obviously :)


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