Sunday, 11 November 2012

Letters for Santa

Hello my wackys,

 How has everyone been lately?! Yeahp that time of the year is arriving once again, and there's only 6 weeks until Christmas the most busy time of the year in any shop, everyone is rushing around buying this that and all the rest, many people I know have all the Christmas shopping sorted, me however is a whole different story, I haven't done a thing yet the work, my girls, housework and this pregnancy... yes yes I know... its true Pregnancy are leaving me drained;

 However in the hope of changing this little fact I'm making this letters to Santa Template for my little ones, I saw some in the shops but I believe they are charging way to much for what it  is £2.00 to £3.50 for a couple of A4 cute letters with 2 envelopes and 2 pretend Santa stamps seem a bit of a highway robbery :), so little old me thought, if they can do it why couldn't I?!

So here they are, I used a software called craftartist:

Now , all we need is a red or green envelope and a pretend stamp, and voila your own letter to santa, you can ask your child to make the stamps themselves, and that way it will be much more magical, and santa will get it way faster.
If you don't have the software I used you can always do it with word and some google images :)
Go on, you have a try I'm sure the kids will love whatever you do.

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