Monday, 26 November 2012

Air Drying Clay Christmas Decor. with your kids

Hello my lovers,

Well I wasn't feeling very well, so I decided to stay home and try to have some rest, you may be thinking " you had all weekend for that"... well that's actually not the case... with this 2 little pretend to be monsters and all the house work one has to do, cause it can't possibly be tackled during the week for work reasons has you may well know... I'm already knackered even before the working week starts ... oh well...

 So it got me thinking well I may not be able to walk due to a pain in my leg buuuuttt I can sit down, I may not be able to right or read a book due to my headache but I can still craft...hummmmm

 So I grabbed the air drying clay, my fimo moulds called my little one (she's nearly 3, if you do it with your kids be very careful, not to let them touch their face or swallow any bit) to help me as well, she sat on my side and looked eager to start "What are you doing mommy she asked" - "we're going to make some Christmas tree decorations" I told her; Yeihhh she said with the chickiest smile you could ever see on a child...

 So the material you'll need and that we used is:

- air drying clay
- moulds or cookie cutters
- rubber stamps for patterns or designs
- plastic bags to cover the table
- 1 toothpick ( to make the hanging holes)
- some ribbon or cord
- gloves (optional - if you don't want your hands to get all mucky)
- an hard surface covered with foil or plastic bags to let them dry
- acrylic paints ( spray, etc. - your choice really)
- PVA glue + Glitter ( you choose the colours)

NOTE: it obviously only gets decorated after completely dry which may take around 24h depending on how deep it is; Let it dry away from any windows or sun exposure or it may crack.

How to:

1- take some clay and shape it into a ball or several balls that's up to you, with a pvc roller or one you would only use for crafts roll the clay out into about 0.3mm thickness;

2- place it on your moulds, or use the cookie cutters at this stage, and demold or stamp with the designs you want them to have;

 3- Place it on the hard surface covered with a plastic bag or foil and let it dry;

 4- when completely dried, paint it and decorate it;

 5- attach the ribbon when the paint is dry, and finally hang it up, and enjoy your and your kids work of art.

Hope you enjoy doing it has much has I did.

Go on have some fun and quality time with your little ones, there's nothing like creating memories with them :)


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