Sunday, 25 November 2012

St. Mary's Cathedral Christmas Raffle DIY Prizes

Hello my lovers,

Sunday seems to go by really fast... in fact faster now then ever before, Christmas is nearly here, Kids are going crazy asking for this, that and all the rest and to top it off school holidays are upon us :) yes yes I know we all love it...

 So, St. Marys Cathedral is holding a raffle after the show that the kids will present before the holidays start, parents friends and family were asked to help out with some prizzies to get people interested and then raise funds that would then go towards the school; SO you ask?! - well, I decided to get crafty and make some prizies...

I made a list of things that I could do, and this is what I came up with:
* a x-mas saying canvas
* a blue soft toy
* a box of x-mas tree decorations
* 1 set of Gift boxes
* 1 stationery set
* 1 mini album set

I already made one of the prizies " Christmas saying canvas", I used the sizzix eclips machine some vinyl , a canvas board, some modge podge and some glitter .
Here's a video off some of the steps.

I apologise in advance for my english has its not my native language :) hope you like it, it was my first video ever so hopefully the following ones will be better ;) .

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