Sunday, 21 August 2011

Canonteign Falls (near Exeter)

Hello everyone, hope you lot are well and resting from a fabulastic Saturday such has me.
So let me tell you a bit about my unexpected Saturday; My hubby kindly told me Friday night that we should go  to makro on saturday to buy a few laundry supplies it's a cheaper than in other supermarkets cause it has bigger quantity's ( great an?!, like in the sainsburys slogan  "every little helps") Ok... so next morning while he was taking a shower I had to make breakfast for everyone, dress the girls comb their hairs and believe me between all the squirming and yelling it is a nightmare for the curly hair.... anyway someones got to do it :) and then I dressed all pretty cause I was going out with ma hubby (believe me that doesn't happen often)...
So we were in the highway going towards exeter when he saw a sign saying Canonteign falls, he asked me "do you want to check it out? " "yeah sure why not" - I replied- and guess what, we actually went that way well when we got there you sure good breath Fresh air and it felt great to get out of the house and go into the middle of nature listen to birds, ducks, crickets etc. it was lovely. At the entrance we had to pay 20£ to get in but I think it was a fair fee, I mean... they have 80 acres there that they need to take care off and feed the ducks etc. so we decided to pay the fee and check it out... my good it was huuuuge, follow the arrows they said, "what arrows?!" after 1h30min of walking in the natural park and soaking in the lovely view and fresh hair I decided to moan a little lololol ( you know how it is me and the girls got all spruced up, to go out with daddy and we end up full of mud, and I was wearing high heels and a dress so you might think its not that good for nature walks... and you know what?! you are absolutely right, and if that wasn't enough we could have made a lovely picnic over there and we didn't  because someone doesn't really knows what he's doing, so we'll come again one day and actually make a picnic, now that will be fun); any way we walked round and around all the lovely lakes and fields sat on a few benches that are available with little arrows on them and then out of a sudden my loved one tells me "I think we're lost, I can't figure out the way back"- and you don't see anyone there, you really don't I mean its 80 acres of land and you only see people on the entrance and cafe...- Oh my GOD we're lost, so here came lili thank you very much... man are always saying they are the best at this or at that but I was the one that found the way back, and we women are the ones that never mind asking for directions when we're lost... we were hungry, thirsty, and tired our feet and legs were killing us, but then he remembered "we haven't seen the falls yet"  oh man I thought, here we go again... this way he said.... I was thinking more of the kind ( please let's just eat something first the girls need to eat and drink something and I need to put my feet up.. ohhhhhh) but yeah we ended up going up the mountain in "high heels" ( oh my dear feet,  my lovely boots... all mucky ) so we went higher and higher walking like crazy " are we there yet?!" is the appropriate question and the answer was NOP keep on going, the girls were winning at this point and we were only half the way up... "Oh men" a last sacrifice and we finally got there... the view from up there was amazing but I could only think about the water which we lot drunk, and got all wet playing with it for a little bit, now we had to do it all over again but the way down.... you can just imagine right... "Ohhhhh, may God have mercy on my poor little feet and my little ones".... 
Here's some of the pics I downloaded from the net I didn't take a machine cause I obviously didn't knew where I was going....

Lovely isn' it? yeah all in all a great saturday but this morning when we lot woke up we were still feeling the secondary effects, next time... yeah next time I'll take my trainers and a back pack with something to drink and munch ;)

See you soon xoxoxoxo 

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