Sunday, 28 August 2011

milinery (hat making)

Hello guys, i found this amazing how to tutorial about HATS... yeah you heard me I said hats, hummmm.... it makes you wonder doesn't it? why not? right - my fingers are tingling already but I believe I must keep calm and finish all the projects I have in hands already; Projects ?! what projects?! might all of you been thinking.... well now I'll let you know but you'll have to stay tuned for the pictures ... here it goes .... ready?! OK so the almost finished but still ongoing projects are my lovely keyrings and more yes I really did say more Girlie's Hair Clips... yeihhhhhh

now here's the link for the amazing tutorial on hat making given by Victor and Threadbanger .

(sorry its the link instead of the video but for some strange reason it wasn't allowing me to share it here)

anyway hope you lot like
see you all soon my wackys xoxoxoxoxo

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