Monday, 15 August 2011

strawberry ice cream

Hello everyone its been a while has you know I'm looking for work but it seems that things are not that easy unfortunately....I don't understand really, they say  just fill this job application and send it together with your CV and s*** and then they send you a letter saying that unfortunately your application hasn't been successful at this time its bolux... If  you have qualifications then you have to many, if you don't than you don't have enough, why don't they just give a chance to someone who really wants to work, I really need it and am very dedicated at whatever I do, but it seems to me it isn't enough....Their loss...

Anyway the reason you lot popped in MY AMAZING SUPER YUMMY STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM yeihhhh:

350gr strawberries (fresh ones)
75gr sugar
1/2 a lemon
200ml double cream

really easy and oh sooooo good when you tried it you will never again buy those in the supermarkets trust me. So you just pureed the strawberry's add the sugar the lemon juice and the 200ml double cream turn the blender on again and then put it it a container to freeze if you don't have an ice cream machine, leave it overnight but don't forget to mix the mixture after 2 hours in order to brake the crystals.

See what did I say EASY, healthy and oh so good.

Hope you guys enjoy it, see you soon

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