Friday, 2 December 2011

"Christmas Is Coming To Town " tutorials

 Hi my wackys I know I'vent posted in a while and for that my honest and sincere apologies recently I started a job at the RM has a data key entry I'm doing the night shift which at the moment due to training is from 22.30pm to 05.30am then I have to get home and wake up at 7.30 so I can take my little "older" princess to school obviously my youngest wont let me have any sleep at all so here I am blogging my heart out today :).

 So today because its already the 2nd of December I decided to make your work/ hobby all the more easier I'm posting here some how to tutorials about many many thingies you can make for xmas, so have a peep at the tutorials, get some courage and inspiration and lets start crafting ok?!

 Me myself am going to do some Christmas stockings out of leftover fabric I have laying around, we'll see how it will turnout. ;)

 so for some really weird reason I haven't been able to post videos in a while so I'll leave with some links and images ok?! ****

Xmas Stockings

Candy Cane
 published by Martha Stewart

polymer clay christmas ornaments

Christmas Wreath / Advent        

 Ok so that's it for today I'll post some more tutorials soon.

 Hope you guys like it, and go on you know what I;m going to say don't you?! Yeahp that's right " come on my crafty wackys lets roll up our sleeves and lets get crafting"

See you soon


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