Friday, 6 January 2012

My 2012 Resolutions

Hello my wackys, whate have you been up to hey?!

You've been pretty busy right, me ... I have been ok...

What were your 2012 resolutions?! Mine were to get organized, to get a job, to get more work (crafts related), to sort out my finances, to go back home, to my lovely but seriously screwed up country "Portugal", and yes I mean lovely because its truly beautifull the food is great the warmth we portuguese people give to anyone that comes to our country is overwelming.... so I must say I really miss it + all my family and my partners family leaves there.... anyway another of my resolutions is to fix the bloody house we have there it's small and is all in cement .. it needs doors, new windows new plumbing and electrics, levelling the floors + the DECORATING  yeihhh, this is definitely the part where I'll be making the decisions and be in control ( or so I think XD), but the worst bit definitelly will be taking my things with me, We live on a 3rd floor with no elevator so you can just imagine the work we'll have and the expense it will be.... oh my!!! just to think about it all it gives me headaches and back pain hihihhi XD.

So all in all, a very busy busy and definitely tough year is here for me... but I will grab it by its "balls" and will succeed , I really need to get me a new job and sort things out to the best of my abilities...

 Do you know when you get that gut feeling that you have to do something, that you must reeaaally do it, although your head will be saying - " don't be stupid girl, you have 2 girls and a husband now, just stay here it would be so much easier financially" - and at the same time your heart says - "no, you do it girl everything's going to be alright"- I suppose if things go a bit sour we could always come back to the UK couldn't we?!? I mean we have all the paperwork needed.... OOOHHHH MY GOD!!! I'm going mental, but I don't actually exteriorize it , I think the key must be keep focus and stay positive....and I will....

Anyway what about you?! Anything  Major you'ld like to share with us?!

Well then here's a few pics I've taken on my last holiday to Portugal just so you guys can see how cool it is :)

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