Sunday, 22 January 2012

A few changes : )

Hello my lovelly's,

It's been a reaalllllyyyy long week for me, just started a new job from 7h to 17h , so you see, quite a long time on my feet... the plus part is obviously I've got the whole weekend off HURRAY!!! and off course the extra cash I'll be bringing home.

Anyway, has I'm having such long days it doesn't leave me much time to blog or make things really, I mean I really wanted to but I leave work at 17h , arrive home at 18h, then I'll have something to eat take care of the girls, help them do their homework, make dinner and finally go to bed after  preparing my lunch snack for the next day at work, ohhhh and my little ones bag to take to the nursery.... Chaotic isn't it so here's how I'm going to make it from now on.... I'll blog only on weekends, this being I'll create on saturdays and I'll post on sundays, this is the only way I'll be able to still have my creative time and share with you my experiences and inspiration... OK?!

 I hope you guys understand... Also I'll be doing 2 posts on sunday one about crafting and the other one about saving precious money, I hope I manage to give you guys some ideas so that you don't have to go through hard times, like many of us are right now ( including me ofcourse) that's what happens when you aint got your head screwed right ;) , it's just the way it goes even in crafting isn't it?! you try something it doesn't get quite right, or the way you wanted it to be... and that teaches us that it can't be that way, lets try another way, but obviously you won't make the same mistakes again will we?!! Hopefuly not, we're not that Stupid are we?!

Anyway thank you so much for the ones that follow my posts and I hope that many of you that don't, start doing so, and hopefully allong the way I'll be able to inspire and help you go through motions in life ;)

Wish you guys all the best.

See you soon,

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