Friday, 13 January 2012

1st 2012 Resolution - Check

Hello my crafty wackys, how have you lot been?!

 Me well I've been slightly busy, better yet, slightly on the go, doing this, that and all the rest :)

So my first "done"  resolution for 2012 was finding a JOB yeahp it took me over than 50 CV's, 4 months waiting and a Temp job at Royal Mail, but I finally did it, I finally got a job its nothing special but it allows me to pay the bills which nowadays is awesome lets agree :).

 I'll start monday, I'll be there for a week (experience one) and later we'll have a little chat and then hopefully the confirmation of yeahp you can stay permanent Full-time, so where I'm going to work you ask.... well its an arts an crafts products supplier and manufacturer... come on lets ear it doesn't it suit me perfectly  " ARTS & CRAFTS" yeihhh, I'm just so so happy that someone finally gave me a chance :)

I have only a huge big Thanks to give to this guys, and assure them that I'll do all I can do, and give my best at all times. :)

For now I think that 2012 is starting to be pretty good :D

See you soon my wackys,

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