Friday, 13 January 2012

Saving precious £££, yeahp my 2nd 2012 resolution

HI you all,

 Ok, this one is still not complete but I must say I'm on track, so to get my finances straight again I had to take some cruel measures lets just say it, I've nothing to hide here, life aint perfect and I heard somewhere that things are exactly how they are supposed to be, situations enable us to grow as  persons, getting reponsabilities, and having things sorted are positive, but no one is sayin that they don't cost us a thing, no one is saying that taking some atitutes is not hard... Will there be consequences, probably, but that's our own fault is it not? We took  action and made choices, perhaps many right ones but most likelly lots of wrong ones too, now we have to deal with them, whatever they are :)

So in my case I must say we made lots of bad choices due to a very materialistic approach we had regarding life... but I reached a point where I was fed up of buying this and that, I'm not saying I didn't like the stuff or to have the stuff of course I did , I didn lke the DEbt I was going into however... So please don'tr do what I did, learn to be patient to have all the cash to by the things you want and that means save save save...

I am now on  DMP and sorting out stuff, plus I bought 2 books to help me out to stay on top of stuff like The Money Diet  by Martin Lewis; and Thrifty Ways for Modern Days from the same author; I have now finished reading Thrifty Ways and I must say I am pleased I bought it (2nd hand of course) he gives great tips many of whom I'll be posting in the next blog posts I'll be writting, to help spread the word and possibly help so many people that are in the same situation has me.

TODAY'S TIP on saving some precious money is:
Home and Car Insurance cost cutting :) = there are so many websites ( companys) that do all the hard work for us, we just need to fill in the details and they do all the searching; like for example (UK); ;; or even , this are great tools that we have available nowadays, which wasnt the case a decade ago, ofcourse this websites relate to the Uk but I'm sure that there must be companys like these in your own countrys, by doing this you can save up to £600.00 p/year on them Together, wouldn't this give a lovelly amount to spend on yourself, go on holidays or whatever needs be?!

Have a think about it, do some budgeting  and you'll get to the conclusion that probably there must be something where you can save some cash.

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