Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Fathers day Cake

Hello everyone, has many Uk residents may know last Sunday was fathers day :) yeihhhhh, after all they have rights too and should be spoiled once in a while, if there's a mothers day a women's day and God knows what else why not a fathers day ?!! OK so you might be thinking, sure but we women have to clean cook work and take care of the children.... truth, truth and truth, but how many of us have supporting husbands that go to work and on days off give you breakfast in bed or help you clear out the mess, vacuums, and put rubbish outside :) yeah the poor things have the right to have a day for their own.
However lets admit that sometimes things are  kind of tight financially... why not make a cake just for them its not that expensive or time consuming it just needs some ingredients, tender love and care XD

Here's the recipe I used:           Genoese sponge 
                                             200g Margarine
                                              320g self raising flour
                                                300g caster sugar
                                                  pinch of salt
                                                    4 eggs beaten
                                                      200ml milk
                                                        a few drops of vanilla essence or extract
                                                           1 table spoon of baking powder

Grease an line a deep cake tin, preheat the oven to 180o C .
Put the margarine, flour, salt and sugar in a bowl and crumble with your finger tips.
In a separate bowl mix the eggs milk vanilla essence and baking powder (use the electric whisker), pour this mixture to the dry ingredients in the other bowl, carefully whisk at low speed for 1 minute, and gradually increase to high speed (2 more minutes)
Transfer the mixture to the tin, and smooth flat with a pallet knife or a spatula; bake for around 30 min or until golden and firm to the touch.
Turn out to a wire rack and peel off the lining paper and leave it to cool, before using don't forget to peel off the cake skin.

Has a topping or filling why not melt a bar of chocolate with a spoon of margarine an a little bit of milk, mix it until its creamy and only use it when the cake has cooled down completely.

Use your imagination or whatever you have at home and decorate....

(for some weird reason I'm not being able to attach the pictures, so my apologies, but go on have a try you don't need a special occasion to make something tasty :) )

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