Monday, 13 June 2011

The House of Pancakes :)

Good morning everyone, this morning I woke up fairly inspired to bake, and also the first thing I heard instead of good morning mummy that I love so much to hear followed by a huge hug was " pancakes, pancakes; mummy can you make some pancakes pleeeeeaaassssseeeee I'm hungry".... hum what do you think should I attend my little ones wishes?! yeah I think so too.

Here's the pancake recipe I normally use but sometimes I do it with a twist like putting drinking yoghurt instead of milk,  hummmmmmmm sooo goood!!

115g flour (plain or self raising)
pinch of salt
1 egg
280ml milk (or liquid yoghurt)

NOw the easiest part ever, get a Jug and your hand blender pour the milk first than the eggthe little pinch of salt and the flour, turn the blender on for a little bit, meanwhile grease a a frying pan either with butter or oil let it get fairly hot and put some of the mixture into it; Turn it until golden, after that's done transfer it into a plate and use a topic of your liking.
Why not try to melt some nutela and spread it over them or why not just spread some jam?!!

hummmmm yahmmy.... Go on roll up your sleeves and lets get cooking :D

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