Friday, 10 June 2011

Let me just introduce myself

First of all, a very wonderful and cheerful good morning to all of us.

Has you may have noticed I'm kind of new to this blogging thing :) but obviously being has I am, I had to try it and there was no reason why not to.

Well since I can remember myself I've been kind of different from other people, I'm not saying from everyone but all of us are special in our own way right?! Of course we are;  well anyway has I was saying since I was more or less 12 or so I started getting old things and changing them, like for example a safe my nana had that was all rusty, the little wee me, and believe me when I say little cause even now I'm only more or less 5 feet (1.55cm); has I was saying, I dripped wax from a candle on the outside of the box and after it was really dry I painted it all with the only paint I had available at her house, little did she know... I turned a dress apart so I could use the fabric to line the inside of the box so it seemed prettier, I was kind of pleased with the end result but lets just say my dear old nana wasn't very happy about her dress.

4 years ago when my first little one was born, I started baking and now I even make birthday cakes, pretty good hey, since my mum never teached me to bake or cook, however that's where my nana comes in again cause I ousted to watch her cooking before I went to school, having said this the first birthday cake I have ever made was on the 1st b-day of my little pumpkin.

  This was The 3rd birthday cake has you can see

             May I give my self a pack on the back, yeah I think so it was delicious

Now, on April 2008 my sweet husby that I love so much but that reaaaaaaaaaallllyyy makes my head in almost every day offered me a sewing machine... lets just say that I was looking at it like a donkey to a castle, I had never sewn in my life before, and didn't really had anyone to teach me :,( , lets continue... he turned to me and said I thought that it would be a good idea for you to learn to sew that way you can alter your jeans (because I always have to being this small and having such a tiny waist), and also you can put new zippers on my cargo pants, being them really expensive new ... CAN YOU imagine my face looking at him, I was like what the hell... so ok I'm a staying at home mum, but I cook I wash I clean I iron I bake lots of goodies for everyone and now you want me to sew your darn trousers too... In my mind it was bang on slavery you know...  but ok I accept your challenge, I rolled up my sleeves read the instruction manual and I done my first stitches,  I was only 23 at the time, and so decided to start buying sewing books after those came the crafts books like toy making, bags, interior decor anything you can imagine really and here I am today with a living room full of books and finally having another go at the sewing machine after doing so many others things like having another baby for example :).

I'll post again soon with some pics of my latest craft crazies ;) !!

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