Thursday, 16 June 2011

Kids bedroom Decor

  Hello everyone, what a wonderful day it is here in Plymouth. I can hear the birds singing the wind in the trees and bla bla bla :); Well today I'm going to show you how to personalise your kids room, or to at least put on the wall some characters that they love, I chose Nemo's character for my girls room cause they love sea and fishies etc.

Material you'll need:
Canvas (it can be a painted one that you would like to cover)
staple gun
fabric (your choice)
Iron on paper

 This is reaaalllyyyyy easy and you can do it with any characters or fabric your little ones love the most... I'll try to explain how I did mine, here it goes:
 Go to the Internet and find some images of the cartoons or whatever is that your sweetie pie loves, save the picture (s) print them to the iron on paper , cut the pictures and place them right side onto the fabric iron them on a tough surface until the iron on paper turns orangi ( each iron on paper has its instruction so take time to read them :) ), peel the paper after it has cooled down slightly; after that You lay the fabric on a table for example right side down, you center the canvas on the fabric, put the borders up and staple, with your stable gun take care not to hurt your self OK, and VOILA a personalised canvas full of love made by you!!!
How wonderful right ?! Now you just need to put it on the wall, why not use the 3M that way you don't even need to make holes in the walls :D and voila a win win situation, who said that we needed men anyway looool.

Hope you enjoyed it... See you soon!!

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  1. Hello again friends just forgot to mention, why not make or buy some curtains to match up your canvas or you could also change your kids bedroom walls :), the possibilities are endless