Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sock Try outs

Hello again!!!
Today is a rainy day in the plymouth area, what a perfect day to stay at home and go sock crazy. A few weeks ago I bought a book called STRAY SOCK SEWING (by Daniel), what else can I say but what a wonderful little book, its full of ideas and the most cute sock creatures I have ever seen, who would imagine that you could do such a thing from in my case old socks :).
I loved it so much that I started doing a cute bunny straight away, my little ones loved it to, I hadn't even finish my first toy and they were already hugging it and saying they wanted another one.... mummy mummy I want a rabbit too  they even gave them names... here's a great way of recycling in my opinion, it only takes some socks, thread and buttons and some old fashioned imagination if you like.
Here are my first 3 sock creations :) , Let me introduce you to the earliest members of our family XD

                                            This is my 1st : her name is Miau and she is really shy

                    My 2nd is her older brother Mr. Boing Boing named by my 4 year old princess, that was by my side during the whole process waiting anxiously for her new toy :)
                         This is Kat and I made it as a present for my darling niece that I love so much

This one is pinnie and he is by my side during all my creations, he's a great pal :)

Practice makes perfect right?! So lets keep on practising ...
See you soon

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