Friday, 7 October 2011

fabric + used canvas = new living room acessorie

Hello my wackys a very merry great morning to all of you.

Today I must say is awfully cold here in plymouth, yes I know it ain't raining and the day could be a bit more gray like usual, but... it is cold, it made me realise yeahp winter is here again, soon there will be the dark clouds the strong winds the raining that never stops and perhaps some snow (incredibly likely).... so this morning when I came back home after letting one of my gorgeous girls at school I was intending to do some cosmetics purse or toiletry bags name it what you will, instead I had a look around and found an old canvas that I really did not like anymore some black velvet remnants and some silver sequin fabric...

Here's the end result:

There you go all up in the wall and all, what do you think ?!

It was cheap has chips cause I only used what I already had home + a electric stapler.
Hope I inspired you to do something new with the old ;)

See you soon!!!

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