Tuesday, 4 October 2011

more girlies hair clips

Hello everyone,

A very and wonderful good afternoon to you all :); today so far has been a busy day I must say... wake up early prep my two little ones leave one at school and get back home with the other one so we could have a breaky, then the horrible housework strikes, making beds, vacuuming floors, put the laundry in take the laundry outside to dry vacuuming the floors and finally what I mostly hate to do "dusting"... dusting?! you say - yeah dusting, I'm allergic to dust and has soon has I start doing it its a festival of sneezes I must say oh dear me XD!!!! Anyway that's not why the title in the post is called girlie's hair clips is it.... but of course not so here you guys have it. There will be the links to the e-bay where I'm selling them, for some strange reason I can't seem to find them when I look for them there so hopefully this will help, I'm terribly needing the cash at the moment and finding a job seems not to be has easy has I thought :(... anyway here's the pics and links.

Love you all,

here's some more links of other girlies hair clips and barretes I have on e-bay it might interest you :

some key rings made from recycled fabric:

acrylic painted canvas:

decoupaged boxes:

and like bugs bunny usually says "That's all folks"  XD, if you don't feel like clicking in every link I understand why don't you go to the e-bay uk website and try to find me there bizu1511

OK see you all soon with lots more goodies :)


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