Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hummmmm Decoupage ;)

Hello everyone,

I normally don't talk about books I bought but this one is a must have for any aspiring crafty wacky like me its the Book of Crafts from Martha Stuart I mean it really shows you how to do almost anything you ever thought of, when I first got it I couldn't put it down, and knowing little old me like some of you do I devoured that book I read every page every how to every material list intended for each project and I decided to have a go at Decoupage hehehe I already knew  I liked painting but I must say I really enjoyed it. Here's some of the pics of stuff I made.
Cute isn't it and its not that expensive, you could also personalise it choose any colour name image you name it.
To make something similar you need :
Papier mache box's ( or letters, you could even do it in real wood, you are the boss here)
Acrylic paint
Decoupage paper for an inkjet or just buy them already printed
 some modpodge
and a brush for the gluing and sealing
That's it, couldn't be easier. :)
See you soon with loads more great stuff to show you .

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