Saturday, 1 October 2011

how to increase patterns

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I last posted... my apologies :)
Today I would like to tell you about increasing those little patterns that come with some of the craft books we normally buy; well I've searched High and Low about how to do it, and yet I couldn't find anything remotely like it, so little old me decided to e-mail a friend asking if by anyway he would know how to do it -and the answer was some key points I will let you lot know in a minute, but he wasn't quite sure...- anyway not to worry I got it, I found how yeiiiiihhhh!!!!

OK so here it goes, HOW TO INCREASE A PATTERN from a book

* Firstly get the book where the pattern is if you got an all in one printer Great if not I'm really sorry but you would have to go somewhere like staples and ask the staff  :)
* Copy the page where the pattern you want is
* Cut out the pattern that interest you from the other ones
* Put the pattern has if you're going to copy it again and in the Menu screen select copy (OK) Please pay attention to not press the START
* Scroll down a little a bit on the Menu and it should appear Copy Size or something like it normally shows (same size) and there you just have to increase it in %  like for example 150% or so and voila
* Now you just have to bend the area that is done and keep going with the ones that aren't
* Cut around the patterns that appear on the different A4 sheets and  tape them together
 And there you have it your increased pattern hope it helps you has much has it did me :)

Now you already know what I'm going to tell you don't you?!!! Of course you do....

"come on my wackys roll up your sleeves and lets get crafting"

see you lot soon!!!

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