Sunday, 4 December 2011

Christmas Gifts 4 Family & Friends

Heellloooo my wackys!!!! A very good morning to you all.

Today we're going to talk about gifts yeahp, people spend fortunes and I really mean fortunes in this time of the year ... I mean you have to buy christmas decorations, gifts, food, table decorations and the all important drinks for many .... but I mean do we really have to spende a fortune at this time and then moan about it until the end of January?!

What if  instead of buying something already made you would do it youself, I bet it's cheaper, granted it will give you more work, but, it will reaallyyy mean something to you and to the person you give it too, that's the beauty of Handmade, cause you're not just making something, no... you are spending your precious time, creativity, love and care on that little thing, so when someone actually receives it what you're giving them is the love and care you have for them and that makes your gift that little bit more unique and bespoke.

I  mean, isn't it lovely to get something made specially for you by someone you like/love, remember we normally always keep the things that are handmade just for us, however the shop bought one will normally be in the bin sooner or later right?!

 Anyway, enough of blabering about gifts , lets get to the point that made you come to this post, so here it goes, here's just a few ideas of what you could make and offer your family and friends, this will be a list only and I'll post the how tos or recipes in the next following days :)

  • home made jam
  • home made chutneys
  • home made cookies
  • home made cake
  • home made liquors
  • home made flavoured sugar/ salt
  • handmade lavender freshners
  • handmade fabric covered wooden hangers
  • handmade personalised pillow
  • handmade loom knitted hat & scarf
  • handmade soft toy / plushie
  • handmade photo frames
  • handmade table runner
  • handmade personalised fabric napkins or placemats 
  • handmade memories photo box's
  • handmade photo blocks
Has you can see the list is endless, and when you buy the materials or ingredients it will allow you to make more than one thing and being so you can actually give it to more than one person, for example if you're making the cookies you'll have to buy the flour, baking powder soft spread sugar vanilla or any other essence you'd like eggs baking paper etc. and to make it a gift you could simply wrap it in celophane plain or patterned and put a bow made out of ribbon and voila a present made of love and care just for the ones you love and care ;).

The same applies to jam cakes and chutneys as well has marmalades, when you by the ingredients it will always and I really mean always make more than one jar so there you go, more than one gift, decorate the jar with a handmade label or printed one has you wish, put a patterned fabric covering the lid and voila again, you're offering your love and care once again, and isn't that what everyone wants?!
someone that loves us and care for us, someone we could always count on, this little tokens mean that... they mean hey I'm here for you... 

 So you see my wackys there's no really need to spend huges amount of money when what we are reaally looking for has human beings is love.

 I hope I managed to inspire you, and help you in any way.

See you soon my lovelies...

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