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Write On Plates How To borrowed from Broklyn Limestone/ I heart

Hello again my sweet Craftys, I found this on my reading list on blogger and I knew I just had to share this with you guys, I mean it is really fab. and a great Christmas idea.

So, today, I’m sharing my** Easy DIY Christmas Carol Plates with you (**all credit for the original concept must go to the super-talented Stephanie of Brooklyn Limestone from whom I stole kindly borrowed the idea).
It’s a super-simple but high-impact idea that even those with the blackest of crafty thumbs can pull off with ease and style.
{ Writing on Plates Tutorial }
Here’s what you’ll need:
    • Plates (I got mine for a dollar each at one of the many dollar store options in our area)
    • Porcelaine 150 pens
    • Painter’s tape (pardon my “tape lint”)
    • Holiday-themed stencil (mine is Martha Stewart)
And that’s it. See? Easy-peasy?
You’ll never guess how many steps there are. Check it out:
1. Choose your stencil design and the placement on your plate. Then choose the color of Porcelaine 150 pen you want to use (available online or at Michael’s…use a 40% coupon there, and you’ll save yourself a couple of bucks), and fill in the design (the “bullet-tip” that I used for this process can be a bit touchy, so make sure you treat him nice, or he’ll bleed all over your plate, and you’ll have to wipe up the mess with a paper towel and start over…not that I would know anything about this).
I chose the “ornament” stencil design and the carol, “Joy to the World”—classic and meaningful to me when I consider the wonder of Jesus’s birth and the way His love beautifies my life on a daily basis.
2. Tape off a straight line to use as a guide for your text, and begin freehanding your carol lyrics. I only wrote on the raised portion of the plate, but you could continue writing all the way across if you prefer. Continue moving the tape down the plate as a ruler until you reach the bottom (you might be better at eyeballing “straightness” than I am and could do without the tape, but I tried that and, well, let’s just say that Mr. Paper Towel had to make his second appearance in 5 minutes).
And…you’re done! Whoa!
A two-step tutorial?!! Suh-weet!
Oh, wait, I almost forgot…
3. The Porcelaine pens are specifically designed to write on dishware, so it’s super-important to follow the baking (yes, baking) directions on the pen to “set” the ink on your plate surface or else the first time you stick it in the dishwasher, all of your hard taping + stenciling + lovely handwriting work will literally be washed down the drain (this didn’t happen to me, thank goodness!).
Okay, so it was a THREE step tutorial. Still, not too bad, if you ask me.
Ready to see the results?
Well, all right then:
A simple, elegant way to display your Christmas spirit.
Oh, and if you want to actually eat off of your plates, I suppose you could do that too (but only after you’ve done the baking process…check, check).
I used this concept to make a 16-piece set that I gave away as part of a big fundraiser I did last month, and I think they’ll work great as the actual dinnerware at a small Christmas party or family gathering:
This also proves that white plates aren’t your only option, which should make you color-enthusiasts out there (yup, I’m a proud card-carrying member of that club…did you see my projects collage??!) happy!
Well, that’s it for me today, folks! But I’d love to you have by either of my blogs for a visit and a chat (we bloggers love us some reader-comments, in case you haven’t heard! : ))
Thanks again, Jamielyn, for having me! You are truly a gracious hostess (and a super-talented blogger)!

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